Boy Scout Makes Fun Of Girl Scout

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    1. Shaikh Manna

      Hi I love ur videos it has been nearly 2yrs sins I have been watching your videos but yah I might even comment as S Uddin that’s my big brothers account oh yah I am going to secondary in September but hopefully I don’t get bullied :( the reason you have never seen any of my comments is bcs I am banned from using any tipe of gajets such as iPad fone well I don’t even have an fone well I Ian mane about to use my brothers laptop only for homework

    2. Freefire Gamer

      ‘You cut off your ankle she says’🤣🤣

    3. Alberto Tilghman

      This reminds me of angry birds 2

    4. aamnaaleena

      Ur so cuuuuute I’m girl too I wish I can be u

    5. Alex and rebi

      The scout leader is like my teacher

    6. Ellen Sanyang

      Lil Bailey's voice sooooooo damn cuuute😭😭💞💞💞

    7. Dagger_Dawg

      Girls could join boy Scouts but boys can’t join Girl Scouts I don’t think

    8. Anthony Ocampo

      Let the boy go sis he should be sacrificed to the mountain lion sss

    9. Dale Dorey

      If a boy could do a girl can do the same thing but better

    10. IcyX √

      Oh who's child is this

    11. Dana Nightingale

      That's like me I am a girl and I have a big brother named Trevor

    12. WandaMaximoffFan

      The boy is from another dhar man

    13. Dana Nightingale

      My brothers name is Trevor!

    14. Gabriel Kotecki

      Nah ur roast though

    15. loy atis videos

      eyyyyyy *whos kid is this*

    16. Chloe chan

      0:24 savage sssniperwolf😂

    17. Gaming antics

      Btw I feel like the if you like someone your mean to them is everyone cus I heard the same thing from my mom

    18. Gaming antics

      I do kind of find it screwed because there is a Girl Scouts with only girls but no Boy Scouts with only boys my school changed it to cub scouts I was ticked

    19. Gaming antics

      Plot twist he is tying to save he from child laborrrr

    20. kore otaniyi

      Oh Trevor anything you can do I can do better

    21. Darius Talplacido

      sniper:ewww whos kid is this savege😎😎

    22. demon slayer

      🍪 COOKIE

    23. XxAlexaTes


    24. Ayeka Mobile

      You Rosted Him😂🤣😂🤣😂

    25. fordpie CODM

      Sssniferwolf pls heart did you just say whos kid is this. Girl ur savage hahahaha✌️

    26. Maria Luisa blanco

      Sssniperwolf is roasting a kid child abuse hahahaha.....

    27. Eva Thompson

      Yes girls can become a part of the boys scout club I am a scout and I am a girl

    28. ZipherMantis

      Yes you grab your flint and iron put it in the crafting table boom flint and steel pretty sure we thought minecraft boys and girls

    29. Joccy


    30. Chey Blake

      If a guy did this to me, and feels sorry for what he did, and asked for forgiveness, I will not forgive RIGHT AWAY. I would think about if he actually does deserve forgiveness, if he does something REALLY BAD.

    31. Layla

      Theres a girl right behind him

    32. random_story_povsOFFICIAL

      i just watched that video from dhar mann

    33. Kittycatlover's Life

      0:47 technically yes, but they have to be in their own troop

    34. Salama Aldukhan

      I am new

    35. Ghada Alzaidi غادة الزيدي

      Scout master Jon: are you guys listening back there Trevor: yes sir :me lol

    36. Ghada Alzaidi غادة الزيدي

      Hi I love your VIDS!!!! lol 😂 Hi Love the char Mann Can you please make more dhar Mann VIDS Lol lol

      1. Ghada Alzaidi غادة الزيدي

        I’m hyper now so sorry

    37. Blue Strawberry Kitty UwU

      Everyone in the comment section saying: Bailey: does something Trever i was gonna do that

    38. Mirinda Pruksananta

      You love me love me

    39. Aleena Figueroa


    40. Cheryl Green

      For your information i HATE DOLLS thank you 😄

    41. J plays

      Trevor: an armed Lia: armed with what

    42. Devaun Sales

      I had a girl play tackle football on my team

    43. LGNLILLY

      thats a sexist child

    44. Bailey

      Omg my name is Bailey

    45. Felicity Van Dixhorn

      when i was participating in boy scouts it was better than girl scouts and the boys were nice to me so i don't know what's up with this troop.

    46. ꧁sᴏғɪᴀ ʙᴀᴇ꧂

      0:20 *ILMAO*

    47. kristina williams

      Plot twist girls are better than Boys

    48. Jannah Walker

      And at the end I am just laughing in bed

    49. LizzyWOW

      “Ew who’s kid is this?! “SSSniperwolf -2021

    50. Isobel George

      Yes Ssniperwolf girls are in boyscouts i know because im in boyscouts and im a girl

    51. Brock the Fun gamer

      يللي هيف ضعة

    52. Esperanza Murillo ibxq lab 5 k 0i v.

      Be safe that hurts

    53. tanya brake

      They said they had no girls there but I saw another girl

    54. Fatima Fuimaono

      POV u came here to listen to her roasts

    55. Beata Osinska

      Im a boy but still boy are support and shield girl not disrespect

    56. Denise Nunez

      Klo v

    57. Aesa Jingles

      Bailey: pulls out cookies Trevor: I-I was about to do that

    58. infinity highsky

      As a scout my self this whole video pisses me off and dumb man needs to shut down his youtube channel

    59. Just Bailey Careaga

      I'm a actually a FIblockr and I love to watch these videos because happy ending and my name is bailey so LOL

    60. Xx_Aizen666_xX

      Without girls there are no boys . This is why girls are cooler.😎

    61. Avery Santos

      But he like girls scout cookies 🍪🍪😂😂🍪

    62. shayne Ortibano

      awwww😢that wad cute😫and im cryng😭😭😭😭

    63. Amber Moore


    64. Quentin Jackson

      You be roasting them now sssniperwolf it’s even on TikToktok

    65. Kayla Clark

      When you said he yelled help he yelled Bailey

    66. Denko Denkic

      That girl was so cuteee

    67. Melissa Moral

      Bloody hell i thought it was olivia rodrigo LMAOOO

    68. Harrison Marks

      *20 minutes later* bailey says OMG ITS A BABY!!!

    69. Goober ATV

      Just sssniperwolf roasting people

    70. Noordin Din

      When spoiled kid said who backpack pink is this? And sssniperwolf said who is backpack pink is this and she said ew who kid is this? Wow she's so popular

    71. Jeazel °^° be you 💅✨

      Will you see darn .man

    72. 🖤Mia🥀


    73. - pumpkīn -

      Boy:Who pink backpack dude Bailey:Hi its mine I'm Bailey Boy:Would Master Jhon He got that tude WOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

    74. mandal srinivas

      She is insane I love to watch sssniperwolf videos 🤩🤩

    75. Rishan Ghosh

      trevor was the name of nevile's toad from harry potter

    76. Rishan Ghosh

      every one in this video is the same from the previouses

    77. Aleiron Orosz

      Love the Mc reference. F & S

    78. shaniqua game

      Hey sniperwolf do you watch Kate up go check it out

    79. teatimes

      5:23 ‘’but you heard about what scoutmaster John said’’ I swear this girl’s role is definitely based off Hermione Granger 👀 ‘’but you heard about what Madame hooch said, besides you don’t even know how to fly!’’

    80. DogLord23

      2:19 ngl nice roast 👌👍

    81. Kaleb Hartfiel

      Dam Sniper wolf I never knew your roasted like that what a savage

    82. Max Madnss

      Hey I’m a boy

    83. Sadie DeArmond

      Hi I just Subscribed and put notifications on all

    84. Nicolette Trupia

      The stereotyped alarm structurally touch because mother marginally book except a amuck pickle. cagey, parched ostrich

    85. Max Kaiju

      Camp scout simmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

    86. •Mia•

      Trever: i dont need some dumb map. 10 seconds later..... Trever:aw man i need that map ughhh

    87. Miranda Stpierre

      Starting at 6:00 karma

    88. Ares Mason

      I don't like bad people

    89. Ethel Adams


    90. joel shaw

      swiper no swiping lol

    91. Andrea Hall

      SHE IS SOOO CUTE 😍😊😚 she even said it here 3:13

    92. Tom Hua

      🤣🤣🤣 everytime, thank you Lia 💖

    93. Olivia Hover

      I personally don’t agree with the fact that girls can join the Boy Scouts but what can I do about it.

    94. Alexander Vega


    95. Nicole Holbrook

      i was in girls scouts when i was in elementary school and my brother was in cub scouts and then he crossed over and became a boy scouts. he's no longer in boy scouts.

    96. RafPlayz_Official

      Trevor: “little girl” She’s probably as old as him*