Cool Things I Learned On Tik Tok

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    1. ♡*「f 3 x b 0 y」🚬

      is It our favorite french youtuber?!

    2. Lena Thompson

      The Spatula thing mine has three🙀🙀

    3. maya


    4. maya


    5. ☉Aimi☉

      I can confirm moose are in fact big, I know cause I saw one up close. I am forever traumatized

    6. Michael Wade

      4:52 volleyball

    7. Kory Morgan

      I just got to say that SSSniperWolf is the best FIblockr ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you SSSniperWolf please read

    8. Taderi Ade

      Same as Texa s made a ham sandwich before

    9. Janica Gillis

      sssniperwolf: Hello friends it's me Me: she says that all the time

    10. kimi sebas

      The man about the spatula had the legt one in his right hand lol 5:16

      1. kimi sebas


      2. kimi sebas


      3. kimi sebas


    11. Bakgou Katsuki

      What is this only three holes on the spatula

    12. Vanessa Garza

      bees can talk

    13. 🍩Baby dunkin🍩

      I love it when she says hello friends it’s me because I feel good about myself because I don’t have real friends :(

    14. Faye Veran

      I like your video and im a big fan

    15. Nyko fordys


    16. Yazzie Jimenez


    17. Dino Playz YT GAMING


    18. sasha younan

      This is crazy stuff

    19. Shannon Nicholson


    20. Shannon Nicholson


    21. •🌸flower pug•🌸

      Wait how do they see the cats tongue they pull the cats TONGUE

    22. dashonmobile 11

      I’m going there tm

    23. Finlay T

      I have 6 over 600 vision

    24. ArhantDSF1050

      3:35 what is that laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    25. Ssrobloxfox

      0:18 it's right before they put the bags in the airplane

    26. Bøba_IceTea

      The cats tong is built like that so it clean its fur and it's much easier to drink



    28. naima's wonderful world

      Left handed spatula and right handed spatula what's the difference except the holes

    29. Charlotte Grant Colless

      My spatula has three lines😃

    30. Todd Schulte


    31. Iyah Anido

      1:34 Maybe they are twins?

    32. ANIME Is good

      2:59 no one going to talk about the car in the background driving backwards

    33. Elle S

      For those of you who do not know, the cat's tongue is spikey so it's able to come itself while bathing. That is also why cats have hairballs. I know this and I'm 9 years old.

    34. guilda Ouellette

      :( i have bad eyes site so i have to wear glasses

    35. Felix den seje

      5:35 the reason why is because the cat needs to clean its fur

    36. ☽𝐶ℎ𝑟𝑖𝑠☦︎︎

      0:53 Pov: you hear all the fnf characters singing expiration from japan( and they are singing this probably in U K)

    37. Isabella Ocasio

      The baby kangaroo is SO CUTE!!

    38. Red snail 🐌

      You can do that wid breaaaadddd ??????? 🍞

    39. Sleepy Ash

      Cat tongues are spiky to lick meat off of bones 🥰

    40. Maxwell Lau

      4:50 yup That will stop the car and the mans Beating heart

    41. Blixy playz


    42. Watermelon

      Why that baby kangaroo looking like Lord Voldemort b4 he came back😂

    43. Nadine Marrison

      sssniperwolf: they are having a meating ,you iterupt them

    44. layla bishop

      my mom closes cereal like that. my whole fam does. im still learning

    45. Cloudberry Games

      5:04 and yet he still holds them in the wrong hands

    46. Marinette Dupain-Cheng

      Sound like a whole store or mall for bees only 🐝

    47. Lovelylavender

      The bees be talking tho-

    48. funtime snowflake mangle

      The Starbucks coffee no vanilla but a whole bunch of diabetes

    49. XxrxleyplxysxX

      I got bit by a hornet :( it hurt

    50. LiliAna Plays

      Earth doesn’t need to dove THR asteroids to avoid getting hit. They are made of rock. We simply need to be a giant piece of paper over the planet. Paper beats rock 🤷🏾‍♀️

    51. Fidgets Forever

      I live in Phoenix arizona

    52. ItsJadenBruh


    53. *Jessi Cutie*

      Cats tongue must be a comb for their fur😂😂😂😂😂

    54. glitchetsu

      My cat always licks me when I wake up and now I know why it’s so spiky

    55. Frances CroasdaleS


    56. Nainoa Jayden Derwin


    57. angelzfrog

      - wait what why would you want a bunch of needles going into your skin them smashing it down with your fist id rather have the normal ahah

    58. Jetty Vang

      7:43 Can't you just slide the blue rope off the stick. :V

    59. gigi hanscom

      she just asked why cats have spiky tongues....👁️👄👁️

    60. CamilaSV

      It’s the dude from the B-movie having a meeting

    61. Joey Mottmiller

      Im a baby kangaroo

    62. •Miraculous noir•

      4:28 ok now give it to me don’t be shy just give me the egg >:)

    63. Clare McDermott

      A cats tongue is spiky so it can lick its fur to clean it

    64. Clare McDermott

      first cool thing WOW

    65. GalacticPlayz


    66. Angie Angie

      About the cat tongue and how it looks like there’s white stuff on it whatever that’s called it’s true I just like check my cat and I see that so it’s true

    67. ☞︎𝑠𝑘𝑦 𝕓𝕝𝕦𝕖☜︎

      There was a asteroid Called Albert sus

    68. Jenifer C

      Sssniperwolf* spicky for what?! Me* to clean there self haha

    69. reyn

      Can you shout me out to where I give you a fan mail thank you

    70. reyn

      Sssniperwolf what's your address because I got some family I want to send you can you please answer me tomorrow

    71. Galaxy Warrior


    72. B Osburn

      The reason why a cat has a ruff tongue is to clean it's fur the reason why I know this is bc I have cats.

    73. ※ YourLocalAnimeWeeb ※

      A cats tongue is like that because when they lick themselves all the shed gets off, that’s also how they produce hair balls

    74. Christine

      wow my charger is fast. just wanted to put that out for no reasen.

    75. Violet Feldten

      cat tongue = spikey cat butt = SPIKEYYYYYYYY SPIKEY dog tongue = normal dog butt = juicy

    76. Steve Del Toro


    77. Riel Boudreau

      Cats tongues are spiky so the can lap up water

    78. Braelyn Guadalupe

      The cat tongue is like that to cling to meat from like, idk, a squirrel. Sorry if this is grossing yall out. Tigers and stuff have tongues like this to, and I guess that's kinda obvious bc tigers r cats 2, but u know. Lol Just letting u guys know, this is true. Comment if u knew, like if it helped u understand. Bai

    79. FAB5 Productions

      Cats tongues are pointy because it acts like a com

    80. aaliyah clancy

      3:25 got me

    81. aaliyah clancy

      3.25 got me

    82. Vivian Moore

      The cat tongue is scratchy because they lick their fur to clean themselves and if it was smooth it wouldn't clean as well.

    83. Chase Canterbury


    84. Victoria Svihovec

      I seen the bees

    85. Mcdonalds CheeseBurger

      2:27 that would ve cool spraying some ine in class and they being like “oh my mouth was closed it was them 😂"

    86. Potter and Skywalker Memes

      Uh my spatula has three holes

    87. The  Cloudiiz

      Me:looks up how small we are compared to planets Me now:seeing this

    88. bro man

      The LA Astrid looks like the rock that raya' castle is on from raya and the last dragon.

    89. Purple Panda Gamer Master

      why the bee sounds like they ae saying honey bee idk why but it just sounds like that to me

    90. ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ • sʜᴏᴛᴏ

      I have 36-400+ and I see bullcap.

    91. Ammar Yousaf

      Bro the cup be through demissons

    92. adzkia nabila

      Don't think that real! It's ligel

    93. LittleBugPlayz

      My man holding the right spatula in his left hand and the left spatula in his right hand 🤔HMMMMMM, That’s sus


      My sister name is sssniprwolf

    95. Jessie Fryman

      I can attached to the first tiktok because my dad works in loading the cargo into the plane for Delta but in some cases it's not as easy as it looks it's sometimes much harder to get the bags on to the rails because they are very very heavy luggage

    96. Ieva A

      My dad has bine smoking for 20 years and he can hold his breth so long when ve go swiming in a lake whe all think he drowned but no he swimed dhat far

    97. technohack14

      Ah yes I speak ✨ European ✨

    98. Ayesha Akter

      I was literary kidnapped by the most wanted luckily i know how to hack

    99. Fantasticfidgetz

      Bees plus minions equals a catastrophe

    100. Karyn Gaul

      the giant hornet someone brought them from china and well yea they layed eggs and we got infested here in washington