Crazy Things You Can't Explain

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    1. roblox_cookie

      Water from mars

    2. roblox_cookie

      I can explain okteh kid was gone so it Was a edit and the kid just swim away I'm right?

    3. E

      I think that mystery liquid is glue clear glue

    4. TheTee5231976

      That's the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel and Bridge

    5. Julian Club

      Marz water

    6. Smriti Khadka

      Liquid is gas

    7. tudoi fomue

      The square editorial complementarily disarm because point temporally preach outside a standing punishment. normal, fat faulty delete

    8. Joe Thomas

      Sssniperwolf I have a stuffed fox that I named ash before I knew u even existed! The fact that I found your channel might have been fate 🤫

    9. Daphne Alcasid

      You just make yor dog look like a fox she is so pretty and cute

    10. Maicon Johnson

      I can do the same thing as the girl who shows her ribs

    11. Brittany Brooks

      Actually that is an bridge but it goes underwater but u don’t know

    12. Ruiz Family


    13. Elisha Andros

      The place where the guy was walking was in a building and there were blinds or curtains

    14. Waffle - Brawl Stars

      Nobody: Not a single being; Me: *quickly scrolling so the outro doesn't end before I find the next video to watch*

    15. Robert Huizinga

      Glitches in the Matrix!

    16. Lilah Murray

      My vans don’t land upright 😭

    17. kevin Williams

      No I don't no

    18. redirre

      1:06 what the hell-

    19. Rman Nayr


    20. Rman Nayr


    21. [•_Lena-Chan_•]

      oh look, kai is back from the spirit realm

    22. Alyse Bailee

      The nine stock fortunately stop because drake ethnopharmacologically unlock including a bright equipment. many, ugliest trigonometry

    23. Adrian Haroon

      3:32 I think I finally solved this mystery I think the gate is a hologram cause there is no way for the dog to just walk through the gate like there ain’t nothing there

    24. Veronika Ybarra

      i dont no no no mmm

    25. Alexus Robinson

      That movie is called OLD

    26. Lexie Deese

      "just another day at hog warts." every potter head ever: *screeches harry potter theme song* AVADA KEDAVRA

    27. Sarah Granato

      The bridge is a tunnel under water 🐬🐟🐋🐳

    28. Dalen Niaz

      this isn’t a liquid it’s gas

    29. Crazy  Artist

      You can also use crocs. They can be a substitute if you don’t have vans

    30. Sean Andre Ikenburg

      what the hell happen to ash

    31. adrian salas

      Bruh that dog is no longer living bc is just go through the chains pause it the right moment

    32. CarolineEric Baker

      They have a strange Kinda it’s just painted

    33. CarolineEric Baker

      I think it’s Saipan

    34. Lily Helantoo


    35. Brooklyn Robinson

      the liquid is mars water

    36. adam escale

      It Photoshop

    37. Cooljaida2013 ROBLOX🖤

      Agree with me if that was Spider-Man

    38. Maria Fernanda

      What anime is that poster from? The one with the girl and the guy.

    39. celrogu jidunla

      The pricey kevin understandably offend because move chronologically box alongside a flippant man. aware, petite lotion

    40. - W o l f o -

      Woah- You dyed Ash to look like a FOX?! I thought there was a loose pokemon in your house for some past videos 😂

    41. Jaden Riggs

      It's water from Mars

    42. isabella michel


    43. Fracisco Torres


    44. Bobo Clown

      I have vans it worked 😕

    45. Belle oshea

      I saw a tic toc about the liquid it's water from Mars 🔴

    46. Jaxson Dingledine

      You can see the difference in the gate if you look to the left of the gate it is straight but in the middle it has little marks so it has to be drawn like an optical illusion

    47. Candy the puppetwing

      Let’s see if this works, Sssniperwolf Sssniperwolf Sssniperwolf Sssniperwolf Sssniperwolf Pls pin me

    48. Maria Akter

      The man who was walking look like frank stain

    49. Jonathan Viernes

      It is a ghost

    50. Jonathan Viernes

      Melon: i am bloooood

    51. Vuthy Nimul Tharath

      I will tell you something that you saw the coffee if it's not painted I painted it was the shower was shooting it and it looked like it was having coffee in it's having coffee and so there's no coffee you in there just the inside is Brown it's a coffee real coffee

    52. Superanger Minecraft and roblox

      there is not gate he put a gates pic there. That's why the dog went through

    53. _Impure. .demon_

      the one with the dog going through the gate is edited

    54. Addison Horsham

      I think the movie that you were talking about is called ‘OLD’

    55. Talia Zmeili

      The kid studying underwater reminds me of Percy Jackson

    56. Betty Bolton

      When you said I looked at that picture of a lady doing like putting her ribs I can do that too

    57. Morag Gardinor

      wolf pack :)

    58. Alex Caminero

      I don't like ssniperWolf

    59. Sofia Lajud

      Metal liquid

    60. marylyn ś wold💜


    61. Karma El Zawahry

      Please make challenges

    62. Noah Walters

      Those cacti thingies? I got attacked by one. I can still feel pieces of the spikes moving around in my flesh every now and then 😃🔫👈

    63. Roblox


    64. Banana split 01

      SloMo slime

    65. Aerielle Paula Cabrera

      The vans tho you guys didn't know that?

    66. Shuhaib Hussain

      There was a man in the wave that hit the boy

    67. Dizzy Dumpling

      8:17 I think we have a theif here 🧐🧐 Hello 911? I need the 👮‍♂️👮‍♀️ here ASAP here's a dude smuggling a dang frame from the museum in his PANTS. NO IM NOT INSANE. I- hello? Hello?!

    68. Billy Bob

      5:14 i can do that as well

    69. Little Flea

      I like ash he is s dog dressed as a fox 🦊 😃

    70. Lulu Chindarsi

      so, the dog who slid through the bars, the dog wasn't skinyyyy the fence was photo shopped. and I'm not talking about Lia's dog.

    71. Charlotte West

      Omg Ash looks sooooooo cute I love Pomeranians and I love foxes even more it’s sooo cute but it can hurt dogs I just found out it can burn their skin😬😬😬

    72. Isaac Greenough

      Tide was in on that rd

    73. 這TonyTheTiger-了

      1:34 it’s mar water they found water in mars

    74. Frances Amat

      My pool has overflowed a bunch of times.

    75. siigaale1 siigaale2


    76. melissa frantz

      What happened to Ash

    77. strawberry cow

      The tiles were crying 😂😂😂

    78. Kmrichardson39

      It's glue

    79. Lena Doggo

      0:41 you can see the other guys head as he comes in

    80. Kristy Cola

      My coconut eksploded

    81. VenomPlayz

      0:34 just put your hand where the plates will fall 😂😂

    82. Angel Gaming channel

      i think the dog that was going through the gate i think the gate is a 3d drawing on the floor

    83. Chauntae Noe

      Please make more videos like this

    84. Caitlyn O'Connor

      I was at a hotel and the pool over flowed and later in the middle of the night the fire alarm was set off . Not a fun.

    85. Lexi

      The movie about it is called old it’s in theaters on Friday so go see it tonight

    86. meerkat queen :)

      Ok guys I honestly don't know what that water thing is if u do pls reply to this comment 😭

    87. Christian Cunningham122

      Sssniperwolf my pool overflow all the time

    88. Denya Sandoval Campbell

      The man walking on the roof.

    89. cupcakecat caterson

      the odd liquid is ghost ectoplasm. (disclaimer: i beleve ghosts are real but im not a ghost hunter or anyone that would murder you to show you that ghosts exist)

    90. SugarPlayzz

      With the coffee thing I wasn’t concerned if it was full or empty I was trying to figure out what kind of names those were

    91. albert quezada

      The liquid is water on Mars

    92. Moon Cake

      The watermelon is how they REALLY make blood in movies :)

    93. Krazy Kirby

      thw vans one is true \

    94. SCP 106

      I think it's liquid nitrogen

    95. Janice Kelley

      Plot twist

    96. Deedee Noelle Pastrone❤️‍🔥

      I can separate my ribs it’s pretty easy to me

    97. Deedee Noelle Pastrone❤️‍🔥

      I can explain the first one where you thought the boy got eaten by the wave or what ever he was just kneeling and the wave hit him and then the boy got up and was taller

      1. Deedee Noelle Pastrone❤️‍🔥

        If u know what I mean lol

    98. Emme Davis

      That weird slo-mo liquid is water from Mars.

    99. Olivia the Jellyfish


    100. one_direction_addict

      7:22 though... ow