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    1. Jahnella,s world

      I simp for levi and sakuna fusion respectly

    2. TOM WHITE

      she called a saiyan a jedi

    3. Josslyn le Roux


    4. Joyce Villamor

      The hawks wingsssssss!? Have my money😍

    5. Harper Natale

      Nezuko Channnnnnnnnn

    6. Emmy Soun-Dam

      Levi and sukuna was 🥵😩I’m simping

    7. Claire & Austin

      The zenitsu egg made my day

    8. tiffysan

      Can you do more? This content.

    9. XxItz_LunaPlayzxX

      The demon slayer ones are my fav

    10. timothy lim

      that ds thing. that pkmn is called shaymin

    11. SkylarCloudfunny edits

      me reacting to the way she said nezuko ._.

    12. naomi maynard

      Todorokiiiiiiiiii ⚪️🔴

    13. •Lazy Cookie•

      Iam not de only one simping for anime boys SNIPERWOLF DOS TOO

    14. ITS MEH

      I saw Shoto TODORKI

    15. Parnvarit Jeerapornmongkol

      Not to be rude or anything but…… I hate bleach

    16. tink49au1

      My Favourite Bleach Character Is Ichigo I Like His Hair

    17. Emmanuelle Rehel

      I always made mha character cosplay and I nerver thought you could buy actual mechanical wings for a hawks cosplay

    18. Kyrainnskii

      6:02 It was a Shaymin

    19. Marcus Yniakki Diano

      I LOVE POKEMON!!!!!!!!

    20. D SE

      The sene from demon slare was in th episode with rui

    21. John H

      When she said "That’s Nesuko" idk how to spell lol

    22. alexis willson

      When she didn't say Kirari's name at 8:12 be like: 👁️👄👁️ Thank you for being innocent

    23. Tanishka Gupta

      hey Lia do u watch my hero academia or hunter x hunter? if u do can u PLEASEEEEEEE react to tiktoks of them :D


      NARUTO is the best anime

    25. glitter lucky

      Hey look it’s Shaymin!

    26. Rachel Loncar

      Yo for a rug, make MINORU MINETA

    27. SpinnGamingz


    28. golden bear

      You watch demon slayer?!

    29. Areebah Khan

      I don't like you high voice eww can you plz talk soft huh duh😜🤪🤪🤪🤪😛

    30. super drago man

      Jojo's bizarre adventure is my favorite anime of all time

    31. annemie Kruger

      When I saw the red feathers I was like it is deffently hawks from mha

    32. lukhas soto

      ayy a levi tato nice

    33. Logan Cox

      1:29 everyone remebers that scene from demon slayer

    34. Haaziq Syed

      It was a shaymen

    35. jov bidzov


    36. kittykittyvii

      That’s shaymin

    37. Kirsten

      Dude that last one of hawks is soo cool I need that for a cosplay 🤩

    38. Eve Devlin

      Watch my hero academia you won’t regret it girlllllll

    39. Autxmn

      Anime yes

    40. Autxmn


    41. Treasin YT

      Nezukoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! And Vegetaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Bro I swear every single anime mentioned in this video I have watched

    42. rayneaudrey

      9:14 is that hawks from my hero academia?

    43. Gamefun Roblox

      Dragon ball z yay

    44. Tahiri Scarbrough

      The pika chu and the naruto fries 😂

    45. Ava Nicole Castro

      I LOVE YOU

    46. ^_Kristen_wolfie_^

      sssniperwolf:those are some very nice markers me:hey thats kirari! :>

    47. Dennis Smith

      I saw a Hawk on the last Tektok if your a mha fan like these

    48. Thomas McLaren

      and also demon slayer

    49. Thomas McLaren

      i meant nosuko

    50. Thomas McLaren

      i mean i only watch tokyo ghoul or my hero acerdamie but ways sosuko from

    51. Arizilla 2021


    52. Marija Domijan

      Can u do a naruto Tiktok 😍😖

    53. hassan ahmad

      Naruto is the best

    54. Weeby


    55. Alien Chan

      lol dattebayo😂

    56. Jahra Tabassum

      That Dattebayo😩

    57. Miraculously 🎇 All-Rounders

      2:21 is that mamaru from sailor moon

    58. Mila Alonzo


    59. con montez


    60. czychacy ablir


    61. Mocha - chan !

      Me* my favourite anime is demon slayer Also me * only looks for demon slayer stuff.

    62. Believe it

      They should’ve done zenitsu chasing nezuko

    63. SuperMarioGolden64

      4:42 no it’s just so fast that it looks like it’s slow

    64. Rosalina Vilia Rosie Rosenkrantz

      Somebody should make an Oliver (Bocaroid) out of toilet paper. That'd be sick! Oh, and if you do, PLEASE credit me.

    65. Maryam Sy

      Levi is not op

    66. Oliver Brooker

      I don’t mean to be a party pooper but well how do I put this …. …I’ve never watched amime

    67. • MollieNotFound •

      5:59 The Pokemon is called Shaymin :)

    68. Benjamin Webb

      I believe it is called shamen

    69. Ninja Bros


      1. Ninja Bros

        BC I DO

    70. Tanis Cotton

      Do you know the person with red and white hair it is from my hero academia and his name shoto todorokr

    71. str8beatz1

      I think Naruto was the main character in this video today UnU

    72. Nora Lambert

      No my Hero academia is the best anime

    73. Haritha K Sivaraman

      have you seen MLP

    74. Maria Tahir

      The one pieace tatto was epic

    75. Gaelle Wolfe


    76. UwU

      So now she does a anime video, cool.

    77. Ali Al Abdulla

      I watch attack on titan

    78. Cecilia Merlita

      4:22 i'm not simping i'm not simping I AM SIMPING😭😭😭

      1. Cecilia Merlita


      2. Cecilia Merlita


      3. Anxlia <3

        Girl same let's simply together 😭

    79. Sean Stoltz

      The pixel cat is Jiji from kiki's delivery service.

    80. Roes Bella

      Before they did cell and I saw like a glance I knew it was cell freza kid boo

    81. Alizabeth Jagneaux

      hay have you wotht nezha before

      1. Alizabeth Jagneaux

        It's a cool movie it's on Netflix

    82. gamerboy

      The water painting of mitsuri was epic and I bet very very hard because of her hair (btw the anime she's from is demon slayer)

      1. Akshay Sridhar

        I think she knows


      Famous artist be like: hey we need that join our crew

    84. Javian Rodriguez

      2:53 what did she say???

      1. Akshay Sridhar

        Dattebayo...its a kiddish word in Japan. Doesn't really mean anything

    85. •Boba deer•

      Have u seen my hero academia

    86. Daniel BOURCET

      Me:gimme that miewtu pancake my mom:nope

    87. nelitex

      Did you now you can buy a black hawk helicopter

    88. Aria Gueco

      The potato sculptures were cool, but why not Sasha. She is the potato girl.

    89. Fantasticfidgetz

      The anime hair is so pretty

    90. YourFellowSimp

      Do yk what would be fun just binge(did I spell it right) anime that would be amazing 💅🏻

    91. YourFellowSimp

      Girl I've only started watching anime not to long ago and I've only watched demon slayer (the movie too), my hero academi and I'm working on hyikuu and Naruto but I really wanna watch jujustu but can't TwT

      1. Akshay Sridhar

        Why can't u watch jujutsu kizen...if you can't u can always watch on crunchyroll or funimation...or a pirated site

    92. The Kirbys

      Meewwwww is my favorite

    93. Deadアニメが大好き

      1:26 I was so scared that scene :'D

    94. pokemon explore the world

      Rui Akaza nezko

      1. Akshay Sridhar

        Lower 5 Upper 3 And MANGA SPOILERS Sun conqueror

    95. Troy George

      New jen? Shaymin aint new.

    96. Ronnie Gilderhus

      I just got into Anime I have only been watching Naruto any recommendations

      1. GHOST

        The promise Neverland

      2. Akshay Sridhar

        Attack on Titan Tokyo Ghoul Demon Slayer Hunter Hunter Jujutsu Kizen Death Note To name a few

    97. khawaja iftikhar

      Sniper: I don't know what that new generation pokemon is Me: how old are you??? How do you not know what shaymin we poke fans are on gen 8

    98. Galaxy girl YouTube


    99. Galaxy girl YouTube

      Hey sssniper wolf I made a Roblox character out of you

    100. Amanda Lewis

      sniper: oh the wings are so amazing me : say who it is say it come on don't be shy say it

      1. Akshay Sridhar

        It's the hawks!! She doesn't watch mha tho