Design Fails So Bad It's Actually Funny

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    Design Fails So Bad It's Actually Funny! Today we're looking at some funny pictures and photos of epic design fails! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last vid Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack

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    1. joy 07

      4:51 the glass was actually slid sideways to open the window

    2. Xx_kitty katelyn_xX

      I was in my local shop and with the ketchup and mayo i saw something called 'daddies sauce' like wat-😀🖐️😂😂😂😂

    3. BlueBlox

      CRAP IN 4K

    4. A human

      where do you find these design fails?

    5. Ross Derksen

      ahaha ppl need to be smarter so drink some smort water

    6. Soup Dawg


    7. Mizzy Zenzei

      The gumshoe is actually pretty clever.......wait...Gumshoe sounds familiar

    8. Ashley Messina

      The lewd vase preauricularly load because iris meteorologically sparkle on a alive snow. selective, purple nigeria

    9. ilovemyrabbit10 Smith

      Lmbo 😂

    10. electric space girl

      Well, now I know for what is they supermarket thing

    11. joker Torres

      Wtf is up with your hair 😆😁🙃

      1. joker Torres

        You still looking good 😉😎

    12. xxjoscaixx

      Jesus loves whoever reads this

    13. Vicente Lawler

      This is the first time I whatsh you on FIblock and you are hilarious 😂

    14. Jaswinder Matsuo

      your so cool

    15. Heather Klaer

      Hey my name is Rocco not and I’m 86 years old

    16. Shabbir Hossain

      when lia says: thats all for today…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOO NO but dont worry, she always has videos for her fans, aka her “ 💎f r i e n d s💎

    17. EmmyDaSpaceNerd

      the female option should be i love science cuz i do (hint hint clues in the name)

    18. Keasha ded xxx

      8:48 just use a knife

    19. • Sūshï Čįnñåmøn-Rõllz •

      0:15 I can already tell this is in Russia-

    20. sweet potato

      4:03 i'd have a mini heart attack every time i see it lol

    21. sulcubia

      plz stop saying curse words

    22. Rylee Martin


    23. I love puppies Love pups

      Boy syrep is be tasting so goood

    24. I love puppies Love pups

      The first one I can just say hi to them on the toilet :)

    25. Goodvibes Egbef

      SSSnapierwolf I’m sorry to do this to you but at 4:58 someone opened the window that’s why the head is like that it was designed correctly….I’m sorry🥺

    26. Shri varsha world

      Can u put a video true or false In 5 minutes craft

    27. Rebecca David

      Ewwwwwww 0:14

    28. Rman Nayr

      TAKE A RIDE DOWN MY SLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

    29. Rman Nayr


    30. Jennifer Bean

      How does someone mess up THAT BAD

    31. Jayden Hendred

      The minion do really be itachi, AMATERASU

    32. Miles Borawski

      5:47 My neighborhood has one of these at the entrance and I laugh at it every time I see it! edit: only the first one

    33. Ryan Riley

      tell me you live in a bad neberhood without telling me me:somboddy broke in to my hose and shot my mom

    34. Mogely and mogel bear adventures

      I’m a bear


      6:56 NICKI MINAJ IS THAT U!?

    36. jacob griffin

      It’s my birthday today

    37. S*H*A*N* TV Somefun.Ntabamusha

      hello you are my hero

    38. Kamilah Marie MD



      I so funny 😂

    40. ABSO O

      Bruh my name is brendan

    41. DinhGiaBaoGamerPro3427

      Brown Fish Brown Fish (Poop)

    42. Enzo Gonzalez

      That is weird

    43. Sofia Sawicki

      Me: i- barber- u oki-

    44. Mason Prestia

      That parking spot was for Kim kardashian

    45. Dirty potatoz


    46. KylerLiam

      3:42 Its because some restaurants in Philippines NEVER GIVE YOU STRAWS.

    47. Tala Al-Bashrawi

      Whoever made this they are going to get😵😵😵‍💫😵‍💫😵😵

    48. Farooq Ghafoor

      Who remembers yeetus to the feetus

    49. Gwen Burley

      Um I don't live in a bad neighborhood at all

    50. Adam Sylwestrzak

      Snickers be good tho😀

    51. Leon Lim

      Rocco can literally go around the maze!

    52. *GalaxyMadness*

      Fun fact, I used to buy the minion soap 😌

    53. Angel 7266

      The android tv car thingy there’s something else that was missed their sitting on a couch in the car Idk if it was missed

    54. Bailey and her bunny

      Lia`s parents: she's gonna say her first word! Lia: th- THAT'S ILLEGAL

    55. Gamer Wes

      bruh there's a couch in the car and I was like: is that a car with out gear and sssniperwolf: this is an actual ad and I was like: 😂😂😂😭😭

    56. James Abdou

      This whole genre of design fails is basically just people putting mirrors in places mirrors shouldn’t be.

    57. Jannie Russell

      3:58 I actually quite like that! *♡*

    58. London Fankhauser

      im not even kidding I just got home from a trip and there were those pool floats hahahahaha

    59. The Raffy Channel

      Minion dumb

    60. Yosh Egg

      "We're not happy til' you're not happy" w o t : (

    61. Yosh Egg

      Do you enjoy your job, Lia? ☺😦😨😭

    62. The_Dark_ Phoenix_

      uh huh dak lipop looks like a wenr

    63. LoL 😂


    64. OP gaming

      are you sure its 10% off

    65. Gurl InPain

      My parents called me a design fail.

    66. Janie Lednum

      The minion look lol ke he used his sharigan

    67. Noah Franks

      Vegan teacher went after you

    68. Ailene Anagao Gregorio

      7:13 im not scared of the ants but I am to the rug cuz ITS CIRCLES AND MY MOM AND I HAVE PHOBIA ABOUT CIRCLES AND SPIDERS!!!

    69. Demetrius Johnson

      Yesh wolf we play and kill like in fortnite in the playground

    70. Weekly Chiaki Namami

      1:58 i think that's to check if it's a boy or girl

    71. Elizabeth Jackson

      I don’t want bread any more after I saw the bread with the due date like why?!!!!

    72. Cam-Cam-ø Drawz

      The minion has seen it all,

    73. Fantasticfidgetz

      The numbers in the wrong place just trigger me so much and a whole new level

    74. catherine rae holch

      So funny. Lol.

    75. ibe Gashi

      6:01 me when I see my siblings make a mess in my room

    76. Amirp i Like kkkk


    77. raphaela muruka

      whats with your bangs tho

    78. Alyvia Berkowitz

      why was it when i saw the gum shoes i thought tongue on shoes

    79. Alfred Iyoha

      Rocco died on his way home cuz he can't do anything

      1. Alfred Iyoha

        No food no water

    80. Cattiecat Cookie

      You are alone. Hahahahaha!

    81. Amythecat

      At 23 she says crap

    82. Broco Animations

      5:58 Bro that shit be lookin like the battle pass

    83. Mugi Asskerman

      4:50 that's from Burmese BHAHAHA

    84. Adelina Schoonmaker

      The maxi pad got me 🤣🤣

    85. FoxyClaire 6

      THAT CHINA BOX IS AN INSULT TO AMERICAN KIND! And I should know. Because I am one. 😂

    86. valeriatheunicorn 114

      You keep me happy 😁

    87. Anesu John

      Did anyone realize SSSniperWolf is an otaku

    88. Phyllis Dodge

      Me looking at the handicap one: Oh it’s for kardashians.

    89. Kat Fidgets

      That place that sells bathbombs and stuff is called Lush

    90. Ryan Scattergood

      Rocco is still coming home.

    91. mrembustero00

      Creativity is the most impressive skill one can have!!!

    92. Anjalee Maharaj

      dO AnOTheR OnE oF THeSe!!

    93. lemon

      Its probably because it looks like a spider is because you looking at it on the very top

    94. X Astraphobia X

      I love your hair! Anime approved 👍🏼

    95. The cafinated crusader

      Rocco is never coming home *It's been So Long intensifies*

    96. Olebrumm 100meterskogen

      6:55 i think its Kim

    97. Siena Centola

      Why does she make these videos soooo funny 🤣🤣🤣

    98. Iñigo Miguel Natial

      Iron=fe man=male fe+male=female 😹😹😹😹😹

    99. シC̸hai B̸erryシ

      This video was hilarious 🤣🤣

    100. bunnygurl beanie boo

      imagine your face on one of those design fails.