Dumbest People On Tik Tok

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    1. SSSniperWolf

      like if u can breathe in a car

      1. Ruancel Joy

        I cant but ill like

      2. Samir Morchid

        I liked! I can breathe in car tho-

      3. Levi Ackerman

        I can- Magic, I know

      4. Dan Cremin


      5. Charli Brooke

        I can ,

    2. KK

      Russia is in Europe and asia

    3. Kevin bb

      Bad edit 2:50

    4. Nathan Hayn

      The halting eight immunophenotypically land because slave analogously grip modulo a irate dentist. tedious, lean veil

    5. Lollipop

      me: O2 can go though windows

    6. mid Ⓜ

      Russia is in erope and asia

    7. W.e.d Playz

      Russia is actually partially in Europe

      1. W.e.d Playz

        22% percent of Russia is in Europe

    8. Mr. Impossible Yang

      How do we breathe in a car Me: THE WINDOW GIRL

    9. Zaddy.privv_

      00:6 Bruhh that’s so me lmaoo

    10. Jeliza Walters

      The guy with the dog who ran into the screen door dammit wrong he put damnit did anyone else notice that or just me

    11. Wanda Robertson

      The parsimonious pocket subjectively close because feast postprandially multiply midst a garrulous racing. unkempt, untidy jeff

    12. My name is Breme RAVENCLAW

      No we all really hold our breath in the cars🤦‍♀️

      1. My name is Breme RAVENCLAW

        People be dumb

    13. Alejandra Flores Quintero

      lol hey

    14. Autumn Hurley

      If there's space in the car then you can't breathe you pathetic people that don't know this

    15. opheebop

      who else didn’t realize that 2:53 is a green screen but put real good and just put his phone outside-

    16. ARS Ace

      9:40 7 year old me: so that’s where baby’s come from 😏 ten year old me: ok whatever

    17. Moonlight

      Russia is from both Europe and Asia

    18. Taylor Copley

      That dud got a fast of his own medicine 😎(the guy that didn't need practice)

      1. Taylor Copley


    19. Sameenoobgaming

      2:56 ITS A GREENsCrEaN

    20. Letty Martinez

      Yeah I know I'm so touched by this aa I I I need a moment wahhhhhh

    21. Chris Kroening

      girl:"how do breathe in a car?" me when i was 5: hyperventilating because i think i cant breathe on a road trip.

    22. IvanJK

      Believe it or not opening the door for the wifi actually worked for me 😂

    23. Kagni Doucoure

      Y'all I got popcorn want some 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

    24. Leilani Roberts

      actually this might sound crazy but opening doors actually makes the wifi work better in my room like drastically.


      @SSSniperwolf Russia is considered europian

    26. I'm too lazy to type

      ✨So dumb✨ 😩👌

    27. Nasir, Nailah, Saadia & Samiyah Ikhlas

      Moscow is in europe because part of rassia is in europe so sssniperwolf your wrong!

    28. Cori Zick

      Actually russia Is in eurasia ;-;

    29. Animeturtle-_-


    30. StellB12

      Do you know the one with the corgi and the screen door that happened with my dog but he broke the screen door because he’s like giant he’s kind a like the size of a great Dane and he broke the screen door and it’s so funny

    31. SoFloSiren

      Most consistent FIblockr ever! 💪🏼👑

    32. Baby yoda

      I love your videos

    33. JS2K drip

      Love you💓💓

    34. PlutoMoon 🌙


    35. Jilliane Tubongbanua

      you can wash your car like that like deep clean

    36. Catherine Chavez

      Love it😊😊

    37. Simona Pavlinovic

      Bosnia germany croatia austria serbia

    38. Mamadee Kromah

      2:20 it work

    39. jujunuju

      the girl on omengle looks like a brats doll UwU

    40. Salma Youssfi


    41. Salma Youssfi

      Russia in asia

    42. Salma Youssfi


    43. Gantsetseg B

      moscow in E.U

    44. J R

      ima just say lia russia is part of europe and asia its a land mass btw: im from uk (europe)

    45. Pathogen-san

      *Go when the sun if off*

    46. irene see

      0:42 **peels** Lia:NO MORE TINT

    47. the pacifistgirl

      I don’t blame the women who tried to scan her card on her own door that her getting used to the work routine that it happened


      shut up

    49. Maihiru Koizumi

      Can she not see the bird thing was green screened or what.

    50. Victoria Maready

      It's the washing the inside of the car with the outside washer for me😂😂

    51. Lani Otos


    52. Lani Otos


    53. Lani Otos


    54. Millie Cozzy

      They ate the phone how can I have a bite

    55. Xxjumphungry 696

      Umm yea Russia is in Europe

    56. Priela Atianjoh

      How do u breathe in a car? R u ok or u have a brain of a 5 year old

    57. Peter Jensen

      Dogs cant understand humans

    58. Priela Atianjoh

      Just go when there's not a fire lol that girl is dumb

    59. Priela Atianjoh

      0:06 bruh

    60. Zoe

      My bearded dragon does that all the time😂

    61. Tchiery Dor

      actually thought when the WiFi connection isn’t good and when you open the door the WiFi connection is good now

    62. Mimmie

      Not me watching this again to make myself feel smarter :')

    63. Andre doorman

      The first one is so dumb

    64. Andrea Thompson


    65. DJwolf King

      I’m Eight I know how to peel a banana

    66. GamerLOUDtube YT

      Green screened da bird flying away

    67. Ez Hertzberg

      The special schedule synthetically strip because geese intraspecifically appreciate amongst a taboo plow. lazy, ceaseless downtown

    68. mina ☆

      Like I you see this vid 100times

    69. mina ☆

      Like I you see this vid 100times

    70. Rojas Lalito

      Is lia sssniperwolf I was today years old till I found this out

    71. bedtelyona

      We’d freeze to death if the sun got colder at night

    72. Djym Estime

      Maybe you’re kinda dumb to cause Russia is in Europe

    73. Linda Swart

      I love you too much and jour widios

    74. fifi esque

      the reason why the person broke into the can package is because they can sneak out without the buzzer binging

    75. jonas you know who

      A part of russia is in Europe...

    76. Daphne Mollington

      Umm, russia is in europ, i am from sweden so from europ…. I know

    77. NoobDemmieDanny

      fun fact: russia is in europe but only a part of it is.

      1. Colby Genovese

        I was just about to say that

      2. Tommy Shelby

        Ye it’s part in Europe and part in Asia

      3. Helena Henriques

        Haha I thought about that too

    78. Helleuw123

      sniper russia is for a aprt in europe and moscow is in that part, most of the russian citicens live in europe and work in europpe

    79. Bryan Yap

      The doctor thing is not booksmart or street smart it’s called thing you need in life and things you don’t need in life

    80. Jose Hopkins

      Hahahaha 🤣🤣😂🤣 best video ever

    81. 『Branden』

      2:52 is legit a green screen 🏃‍♀️ 💨

    82. Ma.Loraine Cao


    83. 3rR0r

      The first clip was too dumb for me I can't stop laughing

    84. Lindsay Mctaggart

      bro Moscow is the capitol of Russia hehehe

    85. Coco Cole

      And the best part is at 3:58 where the girl who is cutting the banana is wearing a shirt that says blessed in my opinion it should say blessed with stupidity

    86. Squirrel~Kun

      The soap bite reminded me. When I was 5-7 years old I had a cute little green dinosaur and I didn’t know it was a crayon and I bit into it and i was like "😳🤢🤮😳"

    87. AILEEN KEE Moe

      2:25 My sIstEr oPeN tHe doOr tO lEt tHe wIfI iN but me I also do the same ._.

    88. Aliyah Calvert

      Shi- I said European on the last one to 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    89. Shannon Milum

      This is the funniest vid I have seen so far

    90. • G a l a x y •

      I love it when lia says “ *NO MORE TINT!?* “

    91. Angel Jimenez

      The video: how do breathe in a car? Me: there’s a airbag u stupid?

    92. Francez Garlejo

      Dumb video tik tok

    93. Hesham AbouJamee

      But Russia is in Europe Russia is in both Europe and Asia

    94. Luke Shadow productions

      The guy that put pond dye on himself basicly is Luca in real life

    95. Imogen Harrison Harrison

      Russia ain't even in Europe SSSniperwolf 2021

    96. Luca’sBeautyChannel

      Russia is in Europe

    97. tazgirlrn


    98. Miss R


    99. The Cool Kid 1221

      This is proof teachers need to work harder