Eating Mini Food For 24 Hours

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    Eating Mini Food For 24 Hours
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    1. SSSniperWolf

      which mini food looks the TASTEST??

      1. you   are     the      best ALLY MAHOMED

        Thank you so much for helping

      2. Sophia Catlin

        All of them😁😁😃😄

      3. Cyber Punks

        I think that the pizza was the Best and tastest i love you videos love khamelia Davis and I am 9 years old love you sssniperWolf

      4. diya Patel

        I think it was the mini sandwich

      5. cqqffee


    2. Carolina Milanca Berlian Christianto

      your food look so good!!!!!!! :3

    3. creamyyy


    4. Jayla Davis-Pullen

      How did she die ashes face orange I feel like if I was ash and someone try to even put one finger nail on my face I would’ve been like sorry just got a facial lol

    5. Amanda Panda

      Lia: About to eat a mini ice cream and holding Ash Ash: sniff sniff almost bite Lia: NOPE! toss it in le mouth Me: Poor Ash

    6. Princess Raiya

      What to do to your dog your dog is orange and black color your dog

    7. shelly panta

      My friend hates cheese on his pizza too XD

    8. amin liben

      He is like a fox 🦊

    9. Ramooni-Alexandria Saitoo

      Thank you very much 😊☺🙏

    10. angelicxv

      Thank you for saying the donation thing and i watch how to donate and i donated 5 thousands

    11. Renee Liljerstam


    12. Joel Raymond

      The 🥞s

    13. camille Gebilaguin

      What happened to ash

    14. Swaara Parmar

      Yeah I live in India and it's really bad

    15. Swaara Parmar

      Do you like banana chips

    16. Margarita Pena

      Ach the fox

    17. Danielle Griffith

      MC And Cheese

    18. Danielle Griffith

      I,M 8

    19. Danielle Griffith

      My Mom Has Covid19

    20. Flare Shadow1

      There is one old youtuber who made videos like this i forgot his name

    21. Mrs Tori

      THE ultimate diet

    22. you   are     the      best ALLY MAHOMED

      I'm still worried because we in South Africa in South Africa is bad

    23. Wande Soumare

      The dead birds...........

    24. XXbôbàXXstûdiô

      Sssniperwolf: naming somthing from McDonald’s Me : yum

    25. Sariya J

      why is the almond breeze milk blurred

    26. Yiping Wang

      she is so pretty1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what happened to Ash?! she looks like a fox/pumpkin!

    27. Majella Doyle

      Why is her hair so pretty

    28. Johann du Toit

      Hi sniperwolf I just found out how to come on your couch I think the doggies are really cute and you're my really really my favourite FIblockr🍓

    29. Gotvaldo Masiulis

      i love your vid

    30. Shawn

      LOL this chick gets paid mad stacks to do this?!

    31. MADISON D

      sssniperwolf: "these will be for the birds" **throws crumbs in trash** "I thought those were for the birds??" sssniperwolf: "the birds are dead" 🦗🦗🦗

    32. Ben S.

      H I live America

    33. Little angel

      Nobody: SSSniperWolf in every video: this is the reason why I have long nails 😁

    34. Esmeralda Perales

      this video reminds me when i made a mini mini tortilla and ate it, i did star and heart shapes too

    35. jenalker


    36. drgnmg2

      SHE TALKS WHEN SHE EATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. Richard Rico

      Ssniperwolf: i,ll give the crums to the birds Later.. Ssniperwolf throws crums in trash Cam girl: i thought those were for the birds Ssniperwolf: the birds are dead

    38. Valeriia Drahonchuk

      I was so excited for this video because its on my birthday 🥳 🎂

    39. Audrey Brand

      Ash is the cutest dog ever!

    40. Squidward 🦑

      Mini food

    41. Arya _playz

      Ash is a mini fox 🦊 since we talking about mini things 😏

    42. RCH playing

      Am from India 😢😢😢😢😢 5:47

    43. Abegail Gonzales

      omg, she's so cuteee

    44. POH MENG HIAN Moe


    45. Charles Tumwesigye

      Am I the only one who sad ash as a fox 🦊🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤔🤔

    46. Soluna Valstad

      I love the vid and my favoritte was the ice cream

    47. Uma Kanase

      Lia agreivley stirs Also lia: agresively eats Lia again : pancake tower falls Me: karmra has struck

    48. Emily Jocol

      Why does ash look like a Fox i love it!

    49. Costco Wre

      Sssniperwolf: " one time my friend order a pizza with no cheese because she doesn't like cheese " Me: " someone is like me " :0

    50. Krew_MemesXxx

      Oml when I was watching this an ad came up that said mini ice creams 😳😳😳

    51. Alex Spain

      Freaking love Ash she is so cute I just I just want to take her but they know I can't do that she's your doggies two dogs

    52. Alejandra Navarro


    53. Alejandra Navarro


    54. Zoe Booth

      Lia: I will eat this in one bite Also Lia: *Takes a bite with still half the sandwich left* Me: -_- 2:51

    55. -Autumn-

      who else thinks Ash looks like a fox🦊🤣😅

    56. Savannah

      We need the bloopers for the COVID ad

    57. Milele Muthini

      mini sandwiches ok this is a feast for hamsters.

    58. Milele Muthini

      Ok so SSSniperwolf is my fav youtuber but daaaaaang bru that so cute mini food.

    59. Just AK

      thanks lia, really helps :-)

    60. kin wai yip

      Whats a baggy

    61. Lucia Do Carmo

      have u SEEN SOUTH AFRICA it is done as i know it

    62. rowennah fechalin

      Why does ashe look like a fokes 😊 did you paint her ?

    63. yin yan

      2:49 " i will eat this in one bite" * proceeds to eat it in two bites *

    64. Briana Gacutan

      Your dog is a fox his been cures

    65. Fantasticfidgetz

      You should make rainbow pancakes

    66. Lilly Peterson


    67. Samuel Iztueta

      The original pizza did not have cheese. The pizza we know today was created in New York, they used mozzarella, Basil , and of corse tomato sauce. Everyone thought it was delicious, so everyone started making pizza with cheese.

    68. Game's zone

      I drink the milk you put in your pancakes :)

    69. luner wolfe

      Can you make a vedo of your life whan you cant 1000 subbedsriders

    70. -Bread -

      Who else thinks at she should eat BIG food for 24 hours too?

    71. Daveline Rio

      Aww ash got soooo big 🥰

    72. Brandi Wyrick

      the pancake's

    73. 🖤sweet laks🖤

      Awwwwww is that a baby fox 🦊 cutte

    74. Julyana Lynne B

      I watch your videos like every day I love your videos

    75. Julyana Lynne B

      Looks so cute

    76. Paige Nelson

      I rlly took a screenshot of ash-

    77. Kimmy Kiew

      Why your dog look like a fox

    78. Lily Woodley

      ofc the mini sandwich

    79. Mishon Valui

      Nice explanation 😁😁😁😄

    80. Vincent Liu

      i thought those were for the birds the birds are dead (=

    81. Vexloe _

      Ash: exists Me:Yooo funny that you?

    82. Ellie Gabai

      “ I will eat this in one bite” -eats it in two bites

    83. lester domingo

      The food is soooo good

    84. cat cube_jsab

      The fox

    85. Sarah Langford

      Ash is so cute as a fox

    86. Denisa Zillbauer

      I love ash See is soo Cute

    87. Liza Garcia

      Delicious 👌

    88. Melody Sobers

      I like ypur skirt

    89. Eira Wonderlandrious

      THE EGG IN THE BEGINNING HAD ME BURSTING A GUT!! I love this woman, favourite youtuber indeed!

    90. Jeni Scribner

      She really Had to use a toothbrush to stack those pancakes

    91. evolvearte

      Please make more videos like this!!!!

    92. Olivia_Playz

      Me living in Portugal XD

    93. Safia Rob

      I’m in americaaaa

    94. joy jimenez

      You look like ariana grande😂

    95. Rman Nayr


    96. Rman Nayr

      MINI PIZZAS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    97. Casey Wilson

      I’m 9

    98. sophia hudnell

      why does ash look like a cutie pie fox

    99. bunny's chikcens

      "Some are kind of ugly" *words of wisdom*

    100. B0YFR1ENDFAN213

      His ash a red panda because he so CUTE