Life Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed

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    1. funny tiktoks xx

      Whyis this pinned ?

    2. funny tiktoks xx


    3. Mousi!!!

      I have a alexa

    4. Wendy Grapes

      I have a old iPad and I literally can't download anything can the still be a chane I can win?

    5. miss_wolfgirl

      Me: going to my closest Dunkin donuts be like hey it's my birthday Them: ok? And Me again 😢

    6. MaKayla Paige

      On the one when he broke his arm and had that vacuum seal thing I wish I had that when I broke my leg

    7. Cathia Gazil


    8. Abigail Graham

      With the popcorn hack my sisters would reach in anyway.

    9. Abigail Graham

      When I was 10 I broke my hand. And my mom had to buy me this on amozon, that way I can take a shower.

      1. The Shark Ravor

        I'm sorry about you hand😢

    10. Henleigh Grace Tipps

      I had that cast thingy for when I took my showers and it was life changing

    11. Diala Elqanni

      I have a Alexa so I’m gunna see if she will give me a sample

    12. jeathnielle19

      Mill pops gu gu gu

    13. Ysabelle Marey Ramil


    14. Camille Hartley

      Hi love you vidoe

    15. Sarah Herron

      Nobody else notice those were Skittles

    16. mocha teddy

      wait did you just say 5000 and 500

    17. Anastasia Catipay Galaxy

      That's excellent!


      "hacks you didnt know you needed" i saw this a million times on my fyp

    19. Thuy Pham

      sssniperwolf: how do u take a shower? me: u don't

    20. Leah ♡

      All you need is to press current response Me: please shush and get on with it

    21. Danielle O'Connor

      i always do my birthday at the beach never at home

    22. Jefferson Dargout

      The Mrs. beast now 5 thousand dollars

    23. Tracey Burke

      Hi my dog passed today

    24. Lilia Rees


    25. GlowinqRoleplays

      People with thick curly hair: umm, can I actually have more shampoo and conditioner?? :D

    26. Maddisen Burns

      I love Your videos

    27. letty Mar

      For the last time it's called a pop it 😞🙄😫👎🏻

    28. Im on summer vacation

      I dont need this

    29. rainbows smp

      well i wish i could join the app and get the money but all i want is a pc but my dream will never come true thats y am gonna give up on myself

    30. Olga Kremen

      my sister has a cast but it can still get wet from the opening if you get the cast wet it will come off

    31. niyais_ itprdt

      bruh can you do the ad at the end of the video instead of just randomly stopping to talk abt some random bullshit

    32. The Amazing Popo Show

      "So you can just put tape on the side so you dont get a bunch of paint on the side of the bucket" People who are patient enough to just wipe the pain off the side: *I don't see the problem here*

    33. Carrot the bunny

      why wouldnt you just put the popcorn cup inside your hood?

    34. Ryan M


    35. Aubree Davis

      I got free food for my birthday in 2021 🎂🦠

    36. kenziegaming 115

      Oh no current as infected her

    37. Kristina Rocco

      Hello friends welcome back I’m sniper wolf actually not lol love you 💕

    38. Hollow boi

      And a Annies you can get a cake thing

    39. The Peepeegav

      I hate avocado 🥑

    40. love you

      HEY that did not with my eye

    41. Beesy besties

      I broke my ankle once and I used the blue thing so I could swim at Disney world

    42. Epic

      Is the alexa one true?

    43. Katy Vasquez

      Ssniperwolf I know that you know who rebecca is

    44. Courtney Everitt


    45. Romero Christmas1


    46. summer wall

      PLEASE READ!!!!!!! if you are trying the pop it m and m bar you shouldnt it was made in china there is a dangerous cemical that they use please dont try it!

    47. finniblockstheway

      IOS 15 IS NOT OUT (very sus)

    48. Karima Zahory

      Oh I have fractured my ankle ones and these actually help it so your cats can’t get wet so it won’t cause more pain

    49. Chris Hicks

      I tried the skittle hack it did not work

    50. Hridaya Vyas

      Wow I love watching your videos

    51. Angel Gaming channel

      ugh I love her vids I duno why she just react to vids and we just sub to that lol

    52. Estrella Rakoczy

      The lame satin preferentially entertain because rubber basically roll apropos a material invention. round, parched half-brother

    53. MarMarshmellow

      Live your vids thx for the info

    54. JustACroatian

      Hi. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the $500 that I got from you on current. I can’t believe I was one of the lucky winners to win $500. I can’t thank you enough. I have never won a giveaway before and so thank you so so much. I really appreciate it. Love your videos!! ❤️😊

    55. Fuun

      Wolf pack for life

    56. Tash Bissent

      Love you so much lia

    57. Smallcat 03

      I also do that laser pointing thing with my dog when I forget to turn off the light, just sucks when u forget the laser

    58. Noah Chan

      1:57 DAMN THATS COOL

    59. Tj Takahashi

      This video made me hungry

    60. Cookie bear Show

      Me if I were at home in America: OI ITS MY BIRTHDAY ITS JULY 20th GIVE ME MY FREE STUFF

    61. Cookie bear Show

      Me wishing I was in America and not morocco on vacation:

    62. {Mia}


    63. Levi Bergin

      You look pretty

    64. Jill Wee

      I have a tablet that has Alexa and I can confirm the Alexa thing is true and Alexa asks before doing it

    65. Berneyce R. Dano


    66. skylien

      When I broke my arm I had to put a garbage bag over my arm to take a shower or bath

    67. Quinlan O'Regan

      I tried the pop it hack and it worked

    68. Xx_BloxBurg_xX

      Sssniperwolf calling skittles m+m's; Skittles: Am I a DiScRaCe To YoU?

    69. Krystin Morland

      4:33 WHAT? y’all Americans don’t just have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, multiple soap etc in ur hotel rooms!? This made me even more thankful to be Canadian 🇨🇦

    70. Doge plays


    71. Kaybry Potter

      I love your vids

    72. Helena Sigurðsdóttir

      Omg i need to buy that thing for my cast cuz i broke my arm, ive been using a bag the last 3 weeks😂

    73. Stella Agnew

      You should do a video are you trying out hacks

    74. Anamika Venugopal

      I saw ash on tiktok in youtube doing the "Hello my name is zuzy" 😘😘😘😘😘😘😄😄😄

    75. Jennifer Rawls

      Those whole Skittles

    76. 『 Softysaur 』

      0:58 looks life changing I know some people who need that

    77. Pappa Zmurf

      I'm pretty sure the free birthday stuff only applies to pretty white girls.

    78. Ashton Coggins

      Were yo bf at rn is sausage ok

    79. Hocog Brothers

      Me lives in a place with no famous restaurants goes traveling it’s my birthday can I have the whole menu please 😩

    80. Eve Hallows

      So how do we find out who got the money?

    81. Calliope Twinkie


    82. Ryan Castro

      And in colvers they give you any free ice cream, I know this because on my birthday we went to covers and we got free ice cream.

    83. Nidatheunicorn6

      I used the popit one and it worked!

    84. Claireandpaul Lynch


    85. DeAsha Sanders

      Good thing my case is water proof and has to get wet everyday

    86. Suga's Fan 보라해 방탄소년단

      0:15 1:05

    87. المرتل ميلاد بشرى Almoratel Melad Boshrra

      oh my god why whene the light gets on your glasses your eays tern dark blue and the circel in the medal is white and smallllllllll!?!?!

    88. Lil Cee

      Sssniperwolf current in not available in my country so how will i get a shot for 5k

    89. Zahra Nooruddin

      Did anyone else realize that they put SKITTLES in the pop it with CHOCOLATE 🤢

    90. Sandra Baniene


    91. Crazy life of Renia


    92. Ochako uraraka

      1:35 I think I was like 8 at the time It was mah b-day and I went to a shop I was basically singing happy b-day to me So the lady who was working at the shop gave me 2 large chocolate sticks for free Me outside:ty Me inside:YASS FREE STUFF ! NOICE!

    93. Zoexfernanda blogs!!

      This is life saving OMG

    94. Fluffy Macaw

      5:39 all those colors reminds me of easter

    95. [Insert Username Here]


    96. Ziva <3

      Have fun😜!

    97. Livia Gol

      Omg I am only 8 so I can't by current 😭😭😭

    98. Gretchen Suydan

      hi i'm new to channel and i'm loving it :)

    99. Noah Butler

      Hello friends it’s me is the best intro ever

      1. Noah Butler

        Sssniperwolf is the best FIblockr ever

    100. Paulina Bucio

      Only OG,s will remember my favorite french youtuber