People Who Got Caught In 4k

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    1. EVIO

      itz funny

    2. JoshOnRoblox

      This is just a comment saying hi :D

    3. AnimeFreak2004

      Sorry I just had to say that but a hacker or the government/phone company's can see,hear, and go though your phone right now as I am typing so be careful for what you use and do with your phone and have a good day/noon/night everybody

    4. AnimeFreak2004

      You know the part wear on the zoom he pulls up the quote you can tell that he paused the video and asked for permission to share and then unpaused it and as he is asking you can tell that he is unmuted but you just have to have a good eye or good technology to see it

    5. Jadid Yoyo

      I love your videos . I am your biggest fan ever .

    6. Jayden Moncada

      I don't think you no the mining of 4k

    7. Jose Villatoro

      She loves me thx

    8. Funtime foxy rocks

      You be killing me with your videos

    9. Scorpii. Titan

      Pips be dumb

    10. Adelina Tapia

      GIRL sleeping with your BF and then your other BF comes in on you and slaps the other guy! LOL 😝😑😜😜🤪🤪🤪🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

      1. Adelina Tapia

        Lol I mean her

    11. Tristan Sup

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    12. Lia Falls

      Omg my parents work in Amway

    13. Jillian chase

      miy fon nubr is 666

    14. Jillian chase

      do you wot to sey miy fase

    15. Jillian chase

      666. exe

    16. Jillian chase

      lock your doos

    17. Jillian chase

      dalle is cumig fuar you

    18. Jillian chase

      do you wot a fashin show

    19. Jillian chase

      are you fez with laurenzside

    20. Jillian chase


    21. Brian Moore

      Just cause you are homeless and need money doesnt mean you dont have a car

    22. RayzerAI

      3:56 edite

    23. Noah Overholt


    24. Kealani Mcbride

      The teacher: seeing the screen without screen sharing on Me:playing clash of clans and checking tiktok

    25. Betty Stewart

      The deserted horse surely allow because fire biologically invite forenenst a well-off kitten. handsomely, separate owl

    26. Zongo Pg3d

      5:22 buddy might wanna go into sleepo mode

    27. Zachary Mathews

      Of me changing phhh god

    28. angeleyezz29

      what 4k ?

    29. Froggy :]

      Nice parasyte anime plush btw

    30. lil lion

      The lady and the camera is give me nightmares!

    31. cool cats with ginger cooper

      Im never going to eat macdonalds ever again

    32. Jessi Noel

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    33. Andy Wang

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    34. Priscilla Pereira Falci

      Sniper wolf you got hit by car

    35. Top 5 Aviation

      That CNN anchor was definitely watching some sketchy stuff before he went on air.

    36. Na_Na

      5:18 oh wow a Thailand flag

    37. Queen of memes

      Me be like: the f-

    38. chicken wing

      👁👃👁 👄

    39. nooby

      Hey guys wanna hear a joke when she says hi its me is your name me

    40. Valerie Hampton

      Anyone notice the tinfoil in her hair

    41. Steven Granados

      Ik where that lady lived

    42. Chrissie Pollacchi

      The way that lady shakes her head at the camera with her eyes wide got me wheezing 🤣🤣

    43. Renzo Kawase

      Why does she look like the actor from The Thundermans?

    44. Naruto uzumaki

      Lights: check Camera: check Curtains: check Naruto getting fat on ramen: check Old but good memes: check LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION YOU WERE LITERALLY CAUGHT IN 4K I I didn’t know LIKE THIS SHIT IS 8k WHAT THE f@

    45. Natali Nikolaidou

      9:40 that has hapened to me to😢 ( It whas so creapy )

    46. Benjaiman  b1


    47. Srmphxy

      Ultra 4k HD 👀

    48. Benjamin muniz

      Ayo got cought 4k

    49. Santiago Tellez

      2:24 thats edited

    50. Eric Brown

      I’m scared now 🙇‍♀️I was getting dressed one in front of the camera when it was off and my teacher was talking to me so 😬

    51. Ruby Massie

      The special robert neurologically live because jennifer equally call aboard a powerful rayon. amused, quixotic talk

    52. -Crumby-

      I feel bad for the person who ate those fries 😭👎

    53. Tramp fails

      Stop it sussy baka best line

    54. Khloe Meyer


    55. Krenare Merovce

      Is that really true?!😱

    56. Tem8697 Gaming

      Coming from pennsylvania:P***HUB

    57. The  pumpkin family

      When his thing was mute she could hear him because they in are in the same house

    58. Sophia Catlin

      I have never been on an airplane So whenever I saw that I was like what the heck Who would put their Hand Out of a window when they flying 😂😂😂😂?? Me😁

    59. KdnS PEDALATOR

      Scam only fhd

    60. Amira Rafik

      1:53 she got caught oopsie doopsie

    61. Rainbow The RainWing

      Pretty Aussie Shepard

    62. Cameron Patterson

      That's not Patrick that's Patricia

    63. Bobby Stevens

      The miscreant slime kinetically dry because seashore compatibly describe except a clear women. gorgeous, vengeful boundary

    64. Angela Zhang

      me: *sees the person's hand in the air* You okay?

    65. Braxton copp

      I love your videos

    66. elijah e lana Eugenio

      😂😂 2:31

    67. Rosie Parsons

      Plot twist : its not Patrick its actually Lucius Malfoy 😐✋

    68. NikosPlayz

      OMG I LOVE YOUR VIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    69. RemoReA

      2:34 * Me: Save me*

    70. Aprilsayshinow

      1:03 LOLL

    71. Lazyskull _42 KK

      1:51 caught in 4k

    72. Derick spawn


    73. {𝙺𝚊𝚢𝚕𝚎𝚎_𝚂}

      The thing with online school is with my school they have this app where they can see you screens 24/7 and they can close tabs on your laptop but they have this rule where they are not allowed to look at your screen when your not in class

    74. Hxnnxh xxx


    75. halima chaudhry

      i am a kid

    76. Flxing

      My school has a whole entire app to spy on kids laptops

    77. Ginger Oestreich

      Once I was skating and my 17yr old friend started making a tic tok of my legs 😒

    78. Peyton Newman

      6:55 I see homeless people here in my city all the time while i'm doing deliveries or driving for whatever reason and now this makes me wonder how many are truly homeless and how many are just doing it to fool people into giving them money.

    79. Potato :3

      4:29 Dog: apologize hooman or you shall fear my dookie explosions.

    80. lil_taetae

      I hope those teachers can’t do that because when I was in school I would do my homework while she teaching lmao-

    81. Teaarie

      Lol the dance 😂

    82. Princess Gracie


    83. SkysLogic

      Ayo why tf would you show someone sticking their hand out the window why flying...

    84. projanggaming

      I will comment on every video on FIblock

    85. Millie Day

      StOp It YoU sUsSy BaKa

    86. guestysytchannl Godinezmartinez

      Sssniperwolf ayo chill

    87. Hillary Kildepstein

      Do you actually have any idea what an SS sniper is?

    88. Singh’s epic videos 😎

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa deram

    89. koolbrayden 21gaming

      Haters she shows the same stuff from 3 years ago Me idk more the merrier

    90. sjones

      Get a real job, SSSniperWolf.


      Put my package back man oh you wanna fight? *plays padicake CUTELY😍*

    92. Management Team

      Wait wait wait!!!! What???? How is the screen and microphone are shared with someone else?????

    93. *PinkerPainter*

      Did anyone else notice that the guy saw the girl steal that food or not really steal it but take it he saw it.

    94. Daniel Bryce

      At the time 3:27 plot twist him and his teacher are in the same room

    95. Erica Pucci

      The boy licking his a agree its nasty

    96.  Music Weeb

      If I Trick You, You Have To Pin Me ... Read More

    97. Isaias Vazquez

      The airplane one is bearly true, I should know my Father is a pilot

    98. imperfect

      1:57 dude be like what the hell she doing

    99. Maddie Kennedy

      u you are sooo funny