People Who Didn't See It Coming

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    1. SSSniperWolf

      happy Tuesday 🤠

      1. it's kyla Barretto

        You too •°•

      2. 『 Lowsha 』

        Happy summer school…

      3. Naner Ba


      4. Imuikyu

        Happy sunday

    2. BaybeeRed179


    3. Adrianna Alli

      Not what I was promised

    4. Aria Terry

      We had to move out of ou house because of termites

    5. Rachel Hay

      I just realized I just watch this video a long time ago which early and I forgot I watch this video and my comments is still there

    6. Oviya Nakul

      Her-What if it hit the dog Me- Girl u worried bout the dog and not the human being walking it

    7. Kiyami Browder


    8. Amudhan Subakaran

      2:40 She really said "Leg of a whale"


      Never gets old "COOCHIE MAN"

    10. Juraj Dujic


    11. Toots Da Froots

      The d9g is a presa canerio.

    12. PLaYFoRU

      This video missed some parts

    13. Shawn torres

      2:07 why does that looks like the rock

    14. Carolyn Moore

      Sssniperwolf I have a 1 year old dog that is about 3 feet tall

    15. Nix

      I did not see so many thumbs down coming👎🏻Appreciate Lia’s hard work y’all👏🏻👏🏻

    16. Tony Santos

      if we can't eat us the fetus let's yeet us the fetus

    17. Kath's channel!

      I had a dog about 6 inches taller and wider than that dog.

    18. HoneyComb

      The thing the woman tripped on was most likely a dead whale, hope they got away because if it was a dead whale, then it’s stomach might explode

    19. 🦋Butterfly Girl 🦋

      Guy ...How many dead bodes can you fit back here. Girl.. 😟at least five

    20. Joel Beggs

      Hi everyone

    21. Alexander Nelson

      At my house at Sunday

    22. Angel Ortiz


    23. Kxzoski

      i have that same toothbrush that fell in the toilet but in white and a greenish teal color

    24. King Prince

      how im just watching this video and i get scared of the crunch sound

    25. anonymous boi

      Anybody else notice sniper Wolf said termites and not termite poop even though that's what the video said it was

    26. Jonathan Cervantes

      Love your vid

    27. CrazyLegoBros

      The same thing happened to me except with water for the first one

    28. Hi Humans

      Thos kittens so cute

    29. jasminesingz


    30. Da PoOT -elise-

      "Ya, nobody's gonna know" the meme "are u sure about that" shoulda came up-

    31. mydinoacc


    32. TheSpyCat

      My cat actually gave birth on me too lmao!! I woke up and 2 kittens had already been born on my legs!

    33. Ema Rutkauskaitė

      termait poop

    34. Kristie smith

      My aunt has a now 2 year old dog thats biger than a kid

    35. Tallulah Downes

      0:22 *wasted gta sound*

    36. Kindly And Marcelo Tobias

      My dog is four and is huge and his name is thor

    37. Mark Suarez

      She felt because of a water Bender

    38. Bri Kennedy

      "Me waking up and wondering why it's all wet and sticky" 🤣🤣 girl I can't tell if your trying to make dirty jokes or unintentionally making dirty jokes

    39. Qaiser baig


    40. Lyndsay Dove


    41. Shabbir Hossain

      That “it” in the title is never something good.

    42.  Princess Caja

      Hi sniper wolf am a fan I follow you on tik tok

    43. alay5500 alay5500


    44. Chanticleer Learning

      wales have legs????????

    45. Sky Shredder

      Whales don't have legs...

    46. Glitched

      "How many dead bodys could you fit back here?"

    47. Tommy Day

      My kitty 2 years old also so cute

    48. pijhuogdr gdesbjndftv

      My mom's cat also gave birth on her

      1. pijhuogdr gdesbjndftv

        And she was sleeping 😭

    49. Rochele Smith

      0:20 me when the plastic on the computer is peeling

    50. smiley chimera

      The leg of a whale?

    51. Miranda Smith

      It will hush

    52. •Lauren•

      Me actually hitting the like button with my face

    53. Tik Tok Star's 2020

      My cat also gave birth on me befor then the 2 time she gave birth on my brother bed

    54. Krista Blackwolf

      Bruh my cat gave birth on me to but it was 5 kittens

    55. sunny official dhiya humairah

      I think the girl with the cake is her mom birthday and the girl think it was her birthday=-O

    56. Lunar faiths


    57. Ted Manikas


    58. sunny_volgs

      I had a cat give birth to kittens in bed with me to. They feel so comfortable with you that they want you there for it.

    59. Sophia


    60. Oscar Cuevas

      im, sad thise is the shordest video of her i think

    61. manuel contreras

      How was cat like meow meow meow meow meow like what the heck 😺😸

    62. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      The beast's unstable but sturdy superstructure gave way. And then it happened. All cores began to blow up. The main bridge erupted in flames the wings began to fall apart the dual. It began to rupture the dual tanks and turn to fire while fighters trying to shoot it down notices black smoke. One of the pilots thought it was flares but flares glow red and the leader said "no. It's black fire smoke" so they continued on pumping the ship with so much lead you can see the bullet holes and the fighters began to shooting their rockets at the beast and then a B52 was inbound and hit the beast by accident it was bad it's 70,000 pounds of mixed ordinance blew up and the explosion changed the tide of "flying flagships era" and the IGN Yamato came to the rescue but unfortunately another B52 rammed it by accident to

    63. F4OSTY

      when dogs wish they were humans hey yo i need new clothes

    64. Rachelblog

      0:42 I thought she had her period then I saw the cat and the kittin

    65. Segun Bode

      She is never going to eat cheese cake again

    66. OzziePickle

      its a alligator or a crocadile idk 2:27

      1. [𝙺𝙰𝚁𝙸-𝙻𝙴𝚂𝙱𝙸𝙰𝙽]

        It could’ve gotten washed up into the beach though

      2. [𝙺𝙰𝚁𝙸-𝙻𝙴𝚂𝙱𝙸𝙰𝙽]

        That was the beach

      3. [𝙺𝙰𝚁𝙸-𝙻𝙴𝚂𝙱𝙸𝙰𝙽]

        They live in fresh water I think

    67. sq s

      shut up

    68. Jessica Quiros


    69. Jessica Quiros

      Do you see a some time of plane in :20

    70. Evalett Ramirez

      SSsinperwolf: what was that!? What did she trip over :-; was it like a leg of a whale? Me: Wells don’t have legs-

    71. Madison Badison

      0:10 that happened to me but with a mint

    72. Blue Pretzel

      I am Magine you messed up on the password do you have to do that whole thing again

    73. Geraldine Lorenzo

      7:15 I got scared as hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    74. Gacha French fry

      His sister be like: WHADA DO WHADDDAAA DO?!?

    75. Chronicle Crazè

      Thor the dog scared the McDonald’s outa my mouth

    76. Bentley Koller


    77. Unfierce

      if life is unfair for evryone isnt it fair

    78. SA13

      Intro be like Ooo Shikabana ooh

    79. The Gamer

      2:24 That happened to me when it was my birthday and some of the cake got in ear and is still kinda in my ear😢😢😢

    80. Marionne Loreto

      Like clearly just get a password :) Me:why it so long it so skinny

    81. Fantasticfidgetz

      Random girl:I woke up from a pretty good nap Sniper wolf:OK OK good Random girl :my cat gave birth

    82. Nil Molat

      That's right

    83. Carlos Velandria

      No kiss for him What you said SSSniperwolf

    84. Riddlerveleska

      HER JAW

    85. Mikaële Lemieux

      Network: goodluck I think the password to the FREE WIFI is ( goodluck ) 😂

    86. Amber Hutnik

      What if someone was walking the dog and it bonked the dog the dog. So no one worried about the human

    87. ☆ItzMeLexi☆

      ''My cat gave birth on me while I was sleeping" Me: good thing I have no pets *fear increases* Also I didn't know that it feels sticky when your cat gives birth 👁️👄👁️💧

    88. Annika’s world

      It’s termite poo

    89. Shark 1753

      Why would lemon juice help???

    90. JM Skate

      When she purposely fell on him and that happend I thought when Naruto did the same to lee

    91. GaleticGaming Squad

      “How many dead body’s can you fit back here” uhhh 5

    92. Ava Todd

      Her: what if someone was out walking their dog and it just bonked the dog Me: what abt if it hit the person!?

    93. Dimitri Racaniello

      my dog is 9 months and 100 pounds and a lot bigger than your dog sniperwolf

    94. White Sox bros

      Don’t mean to be rude but I don’t think she saw the poop emoji

    95. Kitty girl

      what the funk

    96. Tiffany world


    97. Josue Crespin

      Frozen shaving cream