People Who Got LUCKY

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    1. Abhay Nanda

      00:23 she got the r34

    2. Russell Brauer


    3. Raphael Paragas

      the person that got their phone safe without falling in the toilet I think it's edited because how did the person take a picture when their phone almost fell in the toilet?

    4. Sierra Hashmi

      Nothing like some heel crust✌🏻

    5. Justin Jr. Nuguid

      My luck is that I found 2 peanuts in one Eminem

    6. Crispolo Ellis Ramos

      How did he get a picture if his phone is in the toilet

    7. David Smith

      ive been run over by a car like no cap

    8. Kashvi jain

      Gyes and I also I. Was shifting in my new house and I almost fell of the stairs of my house with no raling

    9. BenjiP


    10. Purple  cherry 1

      Something lucky that happend to us is when we ordered 3 large chips but then we got two more for free BUT IT WASN'T LIKE A DEAL LIKE FOR EXAMPLE:BUY3 GET 2 FREE SO YEAH❤

    11. Math's Journey

      SniperWolf: You can use all of that leg space! Enderman: “Visbile Confusing

    12. Rebecca Hughes


    13. Shurry Ma

      you rock, terry crews!

    14. LeeBella MaOse

      Soo what he like one inch tall?

    15. Maxwell Lau

      4:27 that would have been a bad day for some one in usa

    16. Kendall Burns

      How wold take a picture when her phone is in the toilet

    17. Juan Velez Pineda

      I have that nest

    18. The fantastic Fox

      Ssniperwolf you be rasist 1 a boy Ssniperwolf : I LOVE NUTS 🥜

    19. ttv-Chetto Gaming

      When she said stop messing with my nuts it was a little suspicious not going to lie

    20. GamingWithYaBoyMoose

      Another story my dad was in Idaho coming from work then half of his car was on the cliff the other side well you know luckily there was a guy there to help but scary thing is that the guy didn't even call 911he went hold on I'm poling you out and it was winter IN SPOKANE so imagine your in this situation in the possibility -10 ° wether the wind strong an off to flip an empty fridge over ya imagine

    21. GamingWithYaBoyMoose

      So I stepped on a pencil cut my foot didn't go through and on the other side it was bleeding so then the next day I couldn't walk so the doctor time few months later I felt like I seen the cut on my right foot but no it was on my left 😳

    22. Alabama Sisters

      *coughs on water* excuse me sir did u say stop messing with my.... 😳

    23. Charlene Chase

      tell me how the person takeing a picture of the phone when the phone was in the toylet like how

    24. kerico mackey

      The tenuous shade phylogenitically divide because methane provisionally approve out a dreary divorced. crooked, obsolete sink

    25. Tony Trevino

      3:11 This also happened in my stepdads 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche. My mom was on the passenger side, and someone was cutting their grass. A rock flew up when she was looking out and it completely shattered the window.

    26. Dj Games

      The car was a Japan car and Japan cars the wheel is on the other side

    27. Aubriella Herevia

      Those People Are So Lucky. I Love SSSniperWolf. Who Is Watching This In 2021?

    28. .


    29. The Grouch


    30. Ella McCamley

      My dad once got a plane ticket and no one else was on it. 🤣🤣🤣

    31. Gacha girl

      open up the safe which is got alot to say me:lol HAHAHAHAA

    32. The lil Devil

      Everyone : the claw machine is lucky Me : the boy in the car is lucky, thougt his soul would leave his body

    33. Jerimi Long

      So lucky wowwwwwwww

    34. Antonio Angermann

      I am a fatass

    35. Dove 「silky feathers」

      Ok but please dont call something holy tho (not talking bout Sssniperwolf, i mean by the person from the first tiktok) bcuz that is offensive..

    36. Zaniyah Johnson

      fun fact im going to flaorida tomorow

    37. iceyella playz games

      The claw machine one is just like winning a lottery.

    38. Jasper Griffin

      The first one was that bag and the iPhone I've watched that video before

    39. • Pxislee •


    40. Cinnamoroll

      3:11 someone got a Beebe gun with with metal balls and shot at my moms car window lol my dad taped the window😭😭

    41. moonbaby7571


    42. Chloeeeee0213

      Real lucky

    43. Randy Bozeman

      That is so cool!

    44. TaMari Nordquist

      The extra space on the airplane was for like pets like a cat and a cat carrier that’s what the extra legroom is for on the airplane

    45. Kit_Playz_Roblox

      one time i litteraly got the perfect chip

    46. Nicepufferfishe

      My luck: I activated an auto clicker and accidentally got my mouse stuck on the corner and try my best to turn it off, but failed. I shutdown my pc and it finally stopped.

    47. Kodzuken

      One time my sister found a luck Cheeto like the Statue of Liberty where you can win money and she looked at it and ate it😂

    48. Roblox Incolence Zizzy

      Is nobody gonna talk about how the dude took a picture with his phone OF HIS PHONE in the toilet? 8:07

    49. Zoe Paul

      I drop my phone in the toilet. I actually went in the water a couple days ago and I’m super lucky that it still wasn’t so I am about to watch you sneak away and play Roblox

      1. Zoe Paul

        Sorry I meant it was

    50. Dayvin Dirks

      Who made the foto of the Phone in a toilet

    51. David Haro Palacios J.R.

      When I eat cheatos I get a handful

    52. Maryam Ariefdien

      Vending machine

    53. Ryan Brockman

      First class + in the plane

    54. theGirlGamer

      i have watched sooo much of your videos and waiting for new ones rn:] can i get a notice?

    55. Anna Jordan

      &Ood Hi

    56. Flinty

      Those war my cars

    57. Gracieland M

      I know this is random but you are beautiful

    58. Laura Halko

      Yesterday my dad won the jackpot he got more gas the he payed for

    59. One Above All

      People whose Luck Stats are High 😎

    60. The Luxurious Gold Cat

      This is me: *drops something* Catches it with pinky* Oh lucky I literally am lucky with dropping stuff I usually catch it lol

    61. Bailey Bartlett

      How can he or she take a pick but his or hers phone is in th toleit ??????

    62. Ed Gallardo

      Lia:y'all got so lucky Me:I WANT LUCK 😠

    63. Paula Phillips

      that car with the tree almost got hit with it that was my DAD!!!!!

    64. Abbrean Galindo

      How is there a picture of the phone if the phone was in the toilet???

    65. Comic Strips

      on the one where the phone fell into the toilet how did the person take the pic when the phone was on the toilet

    66. Izzyplayswithfidgetsandplaysroblox

      Yea the vending machine was my favorite

    67. Wetod

      Me super unlucky watching this video me rn: •-•

    68. Hannah **ismylastname**

      The very last one, the scissors and foot/toe one actually happened to me! The only difference is that in my case, it was an Xacto knife instead and it went thru my foot and stuck in the floor. I threw up from not only pain, but from how it looked. 🤮 🦶🏽 🔪

    69. Lorcan Crowther

      Wait how did he take a picture if the phone was in the toilet

    70. MaegnasMw

      First one was pure skill!!

    71. Atharva More


    72. MR. Diamond Gaming

      same one time somebody order from KFC we got 2cola bottles(MEDIUM) 3 doble down burger and nuggets(LARGE)

    73. Malcolm Scott


    74. m

      How could they take a picture if there phone is in the toilet

    75. Carissa Jehosua

      When i was liking candy in mah mouth like it went in mah wat u call it? O yah, throat and im still fine. no paniks

    76. Nightcore_Wolfy

      My friend’s mom fell from mt.Finlayson, out by gold stream, and fell like 40 feet and she got so lucky cause she landed on a rotten stump and only broke a rib. It could have been worse cause there was a lot of sharp rocks everywhere! I’m so glad she is doing better and we are only going on flat trails and not crazy hikes like that any more 😗✌️

    77. Nayiazia Carter

      Sssniperwolf you are one of my favorite FIblockrs like your videos gives me joy

    78. Pineapple Bryan

      My question is when the phone fell in the toilet how did the person take a picture If his phone is in the toilet

    79. Xx_D0G_xX

      hElLo FrIeNdS iTs Me

    80. Not Kale

      Can you talk me why your so pretty?🌸

    81. Krista Games

      How do u take a picture when ur phone is in the toilet... And what person brings two phones????

    82. Aurora Perez

      I saw a seed in the watermelon in the corner

    83. Chibi_Kokichi_Oma

      Nagito in real life be like :

    84. ItzMeSugar

      I wish I was the person for the claw machine!

    85. Orla O’Brien

      Iam getting that much

    86. tornadoodin plays

      That toliet part actualy happend to me when I was watching youtube my phone fell doen rhe toilet and it landed exactuaky like thid 8:00 soo I got lucky

    87. Emma Cook

      Very lucky. Wish I was that lucky

    88. Galaxy _Editz

      “One of the piggy’s would have not made it back from the market” You talking bout my dad getting the milk 🙃

    89. _.Bᴏʙᴀᴀ Gᴀᴄʜᴀ._

      8:03 b-but what camera they using to take that picture..

    90. Rudrakshi Khaire

      POV: Your bestfriend chose a damn stranger who's rping as his gf over you, his best friend and you have broken everything you own and now your watching Lia's Videos to calm down

    91. R. N. Holmes

      Maybe that one was a stray shot?

    92. Lukethekid

      How did they take the photo without their phone it was in toilet

    93. Lorena Hernandez

      Um i think the safe has 100$ bills

    94. im_a_ bee_now_youtube

      seedless watermelons exist tho-

    95. Kitty Girl!

      My mom said that happened to her as well, but she was leaning down to pick up something!

    96. Cassandra Gaines

      if the phone is in the toilet how did they take the pickure

    97. FNF Videos

      4:57 that is a "Dacia 1310" aka an iconic Romanian car

    98. Samuel Guevara

      Plot twist: the bird was the police officer

    99. Imaddiio!

      the unlucky guy with the lottery has the news paper in my language!

    100. Useless-Me

      Today watching this I saw the clip of the double banana, in this video. Today I used my double banana in my banana nut bread today, its like i was meant to watch this video ヾ(≧▽≦*)o