Proof Your Life Is A LIE

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    Proof Your Life Is A LIE! Did you know about any of these lies? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last vid Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack

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    1. BlazePlays__

      The cashews look like yoshi

    2. eioshen boboi

      Im in love with her personality and looks she's amazing

    3. kingcarlos43

      They thought me division is a fraction idk about y’all

    4. Derek Nereida

      The enchanted arithmetic optionally argue because step-son intrestingly stain from a nondescript existence. chivalrous, guiltless cloth

    5. Harbug Cat

      I live in Arizona so the grass look like that one day the next its greeeeeeeeeeen

    6. Josie Schiff

      My life is a lie🙀

      1. eioshen boboi

        i was six when i found out

    7. Josie Schiff

      I have been watching sssniperwolfs video for 7years and I love her video can I have a shout out

    8. -Crafty Everest-

      Sssniperwolf says “119” That one “meme” that’s called 119 meme: U H H H H *calls cops cutely*

    9. Brianna Jean


    10. Bryson Reed

      everything is a lie lol

    11. Tsuyu Asui

      “i saw an owl yesterday i chased it” -sssniperwolf 2021

    12. MarshmellowTv85

      They tough me the ÷ symbol

      1. MarshmellowTv85

        That was not met to be rude sorry

    13. Shevonne Alexandra Bohlin

      I knew the division I mean... you can write a fraction like that, a number on the bottom, a line, then one at the top, that is also the division symbol, or it could be one at the top, a diagonal line and then one on the other side. that's also the division symbol

    14. Alaina Nimke

      Hi SSSniperwolf! I subbed, and liked this vid!:3

    15. Sunjer Wasif

      Turtles are supposed to be like that!

    16. Jocelyn Brizuela

      Oopsie the owl got elmo legs

    17. Ishita Verma

      I knew that egg plant one from when I was a kid

    18. gamerdoggzYT

      They could grab a big pizza and then they can cut it so it looks like they ordered the size small cuz they did

    19. Kelly Nelson

      Can you please please please play gta 5

    20. shawnie porter

      i was six when i found out

    21. Ellie Williams

      On the weatherman thing, they also have a screen on top of the camera so they can look at it and still know where things are

    22. Beena Sunny

      Her: why is candy corn called candy corn. It's made of cornstarch and food colouring Me: Girl...* takes deep breath😤😤😤💨💨💨* YOU JUST SAID IT'S MADE OF CORNSTARCH !!!!!😡😡😡

    23. Caitlin :D

      That day when she doesn't say "aoowwwwww" at the end of her video

    24. Caitlin :D

      when she said "toebear" tho

    25. Braden b

      its wood stain

    26. Haizil Eiiz

      OMG the big ice one where there was a big fat ice in the drink is me i went to get boba tea then there was so many ice i took them out then i was like WHAT THE HECK CALL THE POLICE XDD.

    27. ᴍᴀʟᴀᴠɪᴋᴀ ᴘʀᴀᴅᴇᴇᴘ

      to talk about the cashew apples i have a tree in my hometown but idk the cashew apple tastes so bad

    28. A pixel gamer

      2:42 oye 😠

    29. bokogoslimp

      Plot twist same with the ice cream that you cut with a knife in the middle on the juice one if they are actually melted you can actually bite the thing and it's actually a straw

    30. Natalie Halvorson

      Ok I now know that nail filers can peel how old are you when you know that nail filers can peel I'm literally seven right now and I know that I always knew that

    31. Gary Cole

      Did u know that some cars can have enough space and the pallets from mc donald's you can put the in the space

    32. Chloe Tointon Year 7

      have you ever noticed in sponge bob that the place with the burgers run by sponge bob and OWNED by a crab is in the shape of a crab net that killes crabs

    33. Julia Leung

      I had yellow watermelon like two years ago when I was five it was so good

    34. J - shows!

      milk before the cereal is better. change my mind.

    35. El-malachi Daniels

      The fat part on top the cashew is delicious 😋👌

    36. Lorah Kathy


    37. Lorah Kathy

      its so funny XD

    38. Pete Demeter

      Sad sad sad little person

    39. Charlie Schutzer

      What did you call a eggplant??

    40. Alexwastaken


    41. Jonnymike 27

      My life changed at 8:11

    42. Damian and julie’s fun

      The pistachios under growing looks like toad from Mario

    43. Norma Davis

      other people:y'all teaching me things me: y'all teaching me things i dont need to know

    44. blackwidow blackwidow

      I live in a state where yellow watermelon grows lol

    45. Yunuet Alvarez

      Holy you have 28.7M subs-

    46. 386theking_bmx keo

      How like how it was toward of the end of the year last year in school my science teacher showed us the same pictures how skinny owl legs are

    47. Addison Stacy

      Sooo.. the nail file thing. I tried it and it does work, but I tried it on a nail file that was decorated and the next “layer” was just a sticker so I am not sure if it works on a regular nail file but if you do know pls respond to this and tell me if it does or not

    48. Nikki

      The grass is always greener on the other side literally

    49. Lexi Turtle Princess

      8:12 ( Me confused cuz my b-day is actually the same as my mom o-o ) LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

    50. TheRed Scarlet

      i saw the egg shape of an egg plant once and i think it was an egg plant and it was purple i just wanted to at the pool on vaication

    51. Aimee & Nikki 's  Mixchannel

      we Love you . Take care , and a really cool video

    52. Princess_playz1203

    53. Kenny Wu

      I have a pet turtle and it’s fast

    54. •DR.HAPPY•

      She made my new favorite word… *foopa.*

    55. Akeshia Matthews

      That owl thing is sooo funny

    56. Sakura Kinomoto

      I ate a yellow watermelon when I was 5 years old so a couple years ago

    57. Sarah Mitchell

      I'm disturb bye the turtle

    58. Emily Higinbotham‘s life

      I know I love yellow watermelon

    59. Lilly Gacha Heat Police

      5:06 I just found out-

    60. Tech noblade

      8:10 me and my mom actually do have the same b-day lol

    61. Benjamin muniz

      What a lie what a lie what a lie LIFE im talking to u 😶

    62. LavendarPuppies

      Why is the way I know sssniperwolf as the person who can’t do the small lighter

    63. Tay

      " DID YOU KNOW THAT CASHEWS COME FROM THE FRUIT?! " If you know, you know

    64. Marissa Godoy

      5:41 they do teach us this☹️

    65. Gemma Huynh

      This # = This №?????????🤨🤨

    66. Flamelion9878

      Lia: why do they call candy corn candy corn? It’s made of corn syrup and food dye what does it have to do with corn? Me: say that again but slower. 😂

    67. Coco😍


    68. FuadTNT

      9:18 I should've listened to my parents when they said cartoon is not real BRUH IN CARTOON SOME EPISODES THE TURTLE GETS HIS SHELL OUT WTF BRUH

    69. Summer Fusilier

      Have you ever had a yellow kiwi

    70. Aleena Fritz

      The owl was just😂🤣

    71. ♡•xXHoneycupxX•♡


    72. Planeparadise

      1:40 It’s based in Switzerland and it the Swiss alps is bears and that’s also what the mountain is

    73. Najla Kovačević


    74. Najla Kovačević

      2:44 bruh its the sameeeeeeeeeee

    75. Najla Kovačević

      4:42 well shit

    76. Sherk

      I’m birth at j 28 im 7 years ord

    77. First vid for life we will sing and party stopforth

      I wish I wisent born

    78. mr animator

      8:06 did people not know this?

    79. mr animator

      6:06 why my smoothie have bones in it?

    80. かいWong OwO

      I already know all of this... and the freaking right arm can't touch right elbow it just freaks me out

    81. Gabby Neuwien

      Empty empty the shell turtles are 100% mostly empty your 998 thousand empty yeah bedtime those are empty Jaren you that but why are they empty and in your stomach and lungs and all that stuff do you live in brief so how are they empty

    82. Gabby Neuwien

      They are all dried up sponges when do we work from war and when they be SpongeBob‘s parents

    83. Gabby Neuwien

      Oh he thought everybody knew that he saw the bear in it

    84. Angel Pepel

      We are your biggest fan me and my sister watch your video even when we take breaks at school on the computer we always end up watching your show we love your show you make us laugh. 😆

    85. tristan sanford

      i already new sponge bob parents we sponges, no duh

    86. Solon

      School bus

    87. Hayven Leek

      I literally just found this out and I am 19

    88. CandyBlue

      Not a bear it’s a deer

    89. Mango Starnight

      Wow guess I’m legally allowed to say “you too” when my mom tells me happy birthday

    90. Foxy Dash Crash

      But just because caffeine is a drug and the people of Justin was also fun fact about caffeine if your autistic child is really mad but actually calm the child down

    91. Marco

      wait…. 🥚+🍆=…

    92. Ty Snypez

      1:34 oh, i thought that was a hirse with a pig head🤦

    93. Babychicky11

      I have ADHD I already knew in my life is a lie😅

    94. isma hussain

      && hey sniper wolf I love your videos they’re really good and I wish that we could make your videos with you but we already make videos at home that are not real though I love you sniper wolf

    95. Mike Boy

      it is possible to touch ur right elbow with ur right hand just chop off ur right hand and place it on ur right elbow


      Daddy long legs had me dying lol 😂

    97. asiannoodle _YT

      You can write deviation as a fraction lol like 8/2 would be 8 divided by 2

    98. Helen Abrahams

      I love your videos

    99. Sorcha Mackay


    100. Sienna Longhook

      its all fun in games till the people who got the pizza in the first one see the video