Secrets That Will Ruin Your Childhood

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    Secrets That Will Ruin Your Childhood! Do you remember any of these from your childhood?! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack

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    1. pity Dino's

      Me searching foot size joke : this was a bad idea-

    2. •Rachel•

      Up his balloon hole cuz he's a boy lol

    3. Eliana Garcia

      Ruin my childhood please i had no childhood well i did but i only remember 3 days of it then it ended when i was 6

    4. Jeremiah Matthew

      1:09 he just eating that whats wrong with eating eggplant

    5. Ashleigh plays

      I feel bad for Candace

    6. Ruth Ravago

      Watch pokemon detective Pikachu bruh

    7. VENIX_C

      Noooooo stop ruining it plzzzz 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    8. °·Boxyz°·

      Well it could also be pearls mother bc of @AlexBale im convinced

    9. Hellhound Haunt

      I don't think Minnie and Mickey are siblings. I looked it up and the first article that popped up said that Walt Disney stated multiple times that they aren't. Idk how true this is, I'm just saying what I found. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    10. Doggo Enchiladas

      Pulling in for the first time in a year to say that Ariel has clams as a bra, not starfish. Good luck seeing me in these comments again.

    11. Bunnygirl44!! !

      The balloon is a boy 😂

    12. Bunnygirl44!! !

      Me and as a kid watching the sponge bob Secret recipe one 😭😂😑

    13. YEET ME

      1:04 i watch this

    14. Liam Kingscote

      well theres alot you can do with that stick elmo....................................

    15. Faith

      My dirty minded head 😭✋

    16. Man Adam7

      Koffing looks like a good guy to get high with

    17. funny girl🤭🙃


    18. fidgets

      They tricked you about the starfish on Ariel's basketballs

    19. Gabe Taft

      You're aware that the balloon what the face is from a show called The Amazing World of Gumball I watched all the time

    20. Betsy Folse


    21. Xzandra Radcliff

      But.... Arial has sea shells for a bra..... Well at least she DOSE now

    22. Betsy Folse

      Gumball has some explaining to do

    23. Betsy Folse

      Why would they hit Elmo

    24. Betsy Folse

      I hate it

    25. Marzeya Akter

      But i am only 9 you roined my cildhood gumboll is my favioret show

    26. Jimmy Dixon

      my cousin watches Amazing World of Gumball...and he is young...

    27. Tracey Roets

      The balloon is actually a boy

    28. dark angel

      I dont watch it i mean

    29. dark angel

      I dont like spongebob and wacht it

    30. Moneli Amehdi


    31. Kristen Jae Gironella

      Gengar in real life is creepy😱

    32. Roos Crielaard

      The balloon is a boy ;-;

    33. mike jones

      The large rabbit 🐇bread are old Flemish rabbits also known as flemmings

    34. Marcus Krisaiah B. Velasquez

      The candelite dinner is the thing that i noticed

    35. Isaac Jones

      The balloon is a boy

    36. Hallie Edwards

      the ballon (Alen) is a boy

    37. Rania Fernanda

      Let’s just ignore all of it Because i still want to be a 10 year old And,Alan’s baloon organ is unique

    38. Bunnyoffical

      The thumb nail already ruined me and I’m still a child 👁💧👄💧👁

    39. Adam Stubbs


    40. Mulhat Alwi

      Why am I ruining my childhood when it's still going on.

    41. Prince G Prince G

      I am scared of télétubis

    42. David Li

      The wise inch conspicuously groan because stool enthrallingly sin unlike a symptomatic calendar. bizarre, cheap george

    43. Stuart Donnelly

      He means assault

    44. SpaceTurtle

      My childhood is already ruined so... JOKES ON YOU

    45. Pythagoras Estrada


    46. Pythagoras Estrada

      I hate to break it to you but that's a hi the balloons are hi

    47. Brenna Hill

      why whyyy bob

    48. Gaziah Mohamed

      crabby carbs I think I got angsty don't mind me while I never watch Spongebob square pants ever again.

    49. Zoey Adriana

      Mr. Crabs back looks really weird

    50. Virginia Fuller

      OK so the balloon from gumball is a boy

    51. Telia Wright

      EWWWW what happened to Snow White and Scooby-Doo girl

    52. Melissa Smith

      Mickey is just Joe Biden

    53. Person The person

      9:22 - 9:34 im stupid and dont get it

    54. Brayden Theriault

      I seen all theses shows and I can't believe this all just went over my head like woww

    55. ShitBall42 _

      Me over here mad af that she called squillium squidward

    56. bob is mad


    57. Sherri Brown

      Ariels bikini top isn’t starfish are clam shells

    58. Hyper Obl1v1on

      the balloon is alan, hes a dude. making it worse

    59. Jahzarra Crichlow

      I could not stop rewinding and laughing when they were hiting Elmo with the stick

    60. Sims Chi

      When mr Crab ated the burger it was satisfying

    61. Glendora Hernandez

      Kofing is cute and if he's big enough u can fly on him

    62. Cam Lewis


    63. Lupita Barron


      1. Lupita Barron


    64. Jeanie Link


      1. Jeanie Link

        Goodbye childhood memories of the past few years of my life 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😑😐😐😐😐😐😐

    65. Barbara Bennett

      All this time I thought the Krusty krab was in the shape of a treasure chest! Is that why its called a KRABY patty?

    66. Lil Goldfish

      Ariel doesn't where starfish she where's sea shells

    67. J W

      Lia that balloon is a HE no a SHE

    68. NoobMaster69

      That wasn't squidwerd it was SQUILIAM

    69. taylor the god the goat the legend him self

      Listen to Alex bale

    70. SweetDreamz

      5:45 Where ia the other head .-. Please i wanna know xD

    71. david thomas

      Rip Bob the builder😔....

    72. Taco Plisia

      Disney has some explaining to do

    73. AliveDoge

      I wish Mikey mouse is made in Alabama

    74. Amelia Long

      The balloon is a boy and he is named Alan I'm a gumball lover and you ruined my childhood

    75. Riley Goins

      🤦‍♂️ rapper post said that first one I interested is stupid because the real secret recipe is Pearl's mother because it's simple just look at the paintings and mr. Krabs house because there's a harpoon underwater two pictures of giant whales the Lord makes perfect sense that's also why the Krabby Patty make doesn't need to be refilled all that much

    76. Latipah Insyirah


    77. Raeka Frances Apego

      I always thought the secret was pearls mom cause shes giagantic and has a lot of meat and when he does run out idk what he would do its not like he has another whale around OMG

    78. Tian Tiger

      The worst part at 0:56 it it was a egg plant

    79. {:Momo}: ッ

      I have a starfish at home it’s not alive and when I saw the mouth i was scared 😂😂😂

    80. Flower Girl

      I am a child 😂😂 how I know the secrets do you really

      1. Flower Girl

        I am a child I know all of the secrets now you ruined my childhood things a lot

    81. Coco

      Ew has anyone tried crab meat that sounds yuck

    82. Da Real Brayden

      the ballon is a boy his name is alan

    83. Axolotlo

      All mouses look alike

    84. Axolotlo

      Hes not kitchen sponge hes a sea sponge

    85. Axolotlo

      Its not krab meat because its just marketing

    86. Xz_sleepyanimegirl_zX

      Uhm the that's Alan and that's a male so gay oh the vegi and choco

    87. Nezuko kamado

      The Flintstones one i was going to cry i love the Flintstones

    88. Toca boca and unboxing

      Sorry is this 2:29

    89. Toca boca and unboxing

      Is kind of cute 2:24

    90. Scott Nikolas

      " up her balloon hole " Me wishing I could tell her Alan is a boy

    91. anzizz☆~

      It's not crab meat have you even watched most of spongebob seasons

    92. Olivia Stull

      I am 7 years old and Love your videos keep up the good!!!!

    93. Itz_Dxrssy

      9:52 I guess that's why my brothers socks stink 😂

    94. The king of r Fornite

      Helll naaaaaaaa

    95. ꧁♡︎𝙿 𝙾 𝚃 𝙰 𝚃 𝙾♡︎꧂

      Bruh when I was like playing I spilled water on the floor and I cleaned it with my socks 😂

    96. Leo Robles

      Walt Disney is dead -_-

    97. Karen Duke

      2:15 “tubby tustard” when its tubby custard