Student With Down Syndrome Gets Bullied At School

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    1. 郭小嫄

      We only wear unicorn headphones now 😂 Buys a pair of unicorn headphones* 🤩

    2. Ryan Fisher

      I’m sorry if I spelled your name wrong

    3. Ryan Fisher

      Azziehe did you see the pimples with the girl had

    4. Unicorn ruby go

      I am seven and I love unicorns I wish I had them headphones

    5. Sinothando sithole

      The sick burrrrrrn

    6. KF

      This is litterally a try not to cry challenge. (Or i am the only one whos crying)

    7. Janine Sulvita

      I love u and your videos and i always love yoir hair

    8. john Robets

      i love ur vids ssniperwolf keep it up

    9. lee sutton

      That girl is rude I am turning 9 and I have a unicorn lunch box

    10. Isidora Popovic

      I got bullied for being fan of Sonic,but i dont care.I got t-shirt,toy,t-shirt in roblox,drawings,poster and comics. It a little wirde that im a girl who likes Sonic

    11. GOODVIB3Z

      A bit unrealistic but the message gets across😅

    12. Jada B

      Poor girl gets bullied

    13. Catherine BRULEZ

      What down syndrome my BFF Sophie said like your brain has change into a girl that act like a 5 year99

    14. Shazia Andleeb

      I need the unicorns headphones ل reallylikerhem

    15. Bellabeevlogs

      5:48 she will be a good mom someday 😊❤️❤️

    16. Lily Martinez

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    17. Rose_Gacha

      I love all your vids and you so funny

    18. Elmer Crisidio

      I love unicorn too 🦄🦄🦄🦄🌈🌈

    19. Amanda Conway

      Its heart breaking 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

    20. flaky htf

      when i first watched this i thought a unicorn was gonna help het xD

    21. Alex Suetta

      “Hey Danny I was about to dm you” like this girl thinks he’s gonna ask her out yet she doesn’t even have his number and has to dm him?

    22. Timothy Kaeding

      The girl is not nice and mean

    23. Danielle Derieg

      Sssniperwolf be like: who do loser now!😎

    24. Danielle Derieg


    25. Danielle Derieg

      Unicorns are real and the best Michelle is a Karen in the making

    26. Victoria Vargas

      She just got rejected 😂

    27. Victoria Vargas

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    28. Victoria Vargas

      😭😭😭😭😭 oh no

    29. Victoria Vargas

      This girl you are so mean the boys going to reject you

    30. Victoria Vargas

      Yes they are really cute

    31. Vanessa Trevino

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    32. Hi Hi

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    33. Emma Osborn

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    34. Maj Kuntner

      Show dis to sanna

    35. Rebeca Salas Martinez

      Everyone pulls out the🦄 headphones 😎

    36. Kenji

      If someone threw my headphones I would turn into SSB

    37. Dianna Warnock

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    38. Jose Villatoro

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    39. kh1234

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    40. Zaphnath Paaneah

      I will punch anybody anybody anybody in the face that bullies another human especially those that bully the innocent ones like this sweet harmless angel.

    41. My Answer Is Penguin

      Me when Those girls were mean to her:oh you want to go

    42. ankawa1112


    43. Yuii AdminFire

      I have a unicorn neck rest and I'm ten

    44. Gabriel Thompson

      Unicorns are fu#&ING real

    45. Violeta Bitena

      Dad was sooo saddd

    46. ion Zaffarese

      She said the b word

    47. ion Zaffarese

      Sssniperwolf said a bad word

    48. ion Zaffarese

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    49. Daisy Jacqueline

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    50. Daisy Jacqueline

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    51. Dragon Gavin

      Me being happy to have a unicorn oom

    52. triopaws

      My sister has downsydrome I hate when people bully people with downsindrom

    53. MeadowandOceansLife Hernandez

      Hi sniper wolf just wanted to let you know that I love wolfs me and my dad ( I call him papa). Me and my papa love wolfs and your so cool.🐺❤️🐺

    54. Violet Peak

      I feel bad

      1. Violet Peak

        Don't bully that's fun

      2. Violet Peak

        To make her cry

      3. Violet Peak

        If I was there I'd punch that bully

      4. Violet Peak

        I almost cried

    55. Esmeralda Nelson


    56. April Hunt

      First of all the mean girl is like probably in Fifth grade and the other boys are like in seventh she’s not even old enough to date the boy that she likes he’s like way older than her so how is she going to date him if he’s older and she’s younger like she literally doesn’t make no sense and the other girl can make her unicorns if she wants because it’s hers and don’t bully nobody facts

    57. Moe Levon

      I think about the little girls headphones there is very cute no matter what I'm stupid boys don't run anything you is just a mother so stop messing with people you just a b****

    58. - pumpkīn -

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    59. P Batechan04

      I am 16 about to be 17 and I have a unicorn necklace with my name and wear it everywhere I go.

    60. Emeraldgamer 36

      I have autism and have been treated like that but I show people that just because I have autism doesn’t mean I am weird if she wants to wear unicorns 🦄 wear them girl

    61. Hyper Space

      5:29 woah woah woah calm down Jamal

    62. Hyper Space

      0:25 That "I love you too" Lightens my day

    63. Garett Padilla

      I laughed so hard when the whole squad pulled out the unicorn headphones and surrounded the mean girls

    64. _PiñaColada_

      Did I hear Lia CURSE? Why am I happy to hear her saying bad words??🤣👏🏼

    65. FlamethrowerJWA Minecraft


    66. Miles PLAyZ Yt

      Girl: that’s so embarrassing likiing unicorns me: or embarrassing just like your life?

    67. Miles PLAyZ Yt

      Dumb unicorns on the locker I think those are mirrors girl 🙃

    68. Esperanza Murillo ibxq lab 5 k 0i v.

      The three girls are mean

    69. Madison Maxwell

      did i really just cry watching a dhar man video?

    70. Adam Lynch

      3:43 poor thing

    71. Adam Prime

      its a unicorn hord up in here

    72. Ayesha Lughmani

      michelle: people in middle school wear airpods real life: they probably do but still a lot of people including me: jealous of her headphones and wondering where we could buy them

    73. Alexa diaz

      Bruh my cousin is 14 and she loves unicorns and pink and white

    74. paulc85uk

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    75. Lil_berry cute_cupxakes

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    76. Lenie Garcia

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    77. Lenie Garcia

      Michelle:What ever!

    78. Lil_berry cute_cupxakes

      Wait the minute when i was 9 i believe in unicorn😢

    79. Lil_berry cute_cupxakes

      I hate bullies

    80. Lenie Garcia


    81. Cami AndJessicaLps

      This happened to me too but in first grade. When I saw the mean girls I was like BRUH!

    82. Herrolex

      5:30 Oop

    83. Eva Brown

      i love you

    84. Gaming Princess

      i love unicorns i have a unicorn bag that i bring to school everday and i'm ten so if anyone gonna say that to me i'll say: people like you are why we have middle figers. And give them a middle figer in the face (i forgot how to spell lol)

    85. pete caputo

      Lia:Just let her have her unicorn headphones lia again:I bet a few mounts ago you had a room full of unicorns to

    86. Tristan Honor

      Airpods r a waste of money

    87. Addison Maclean

      IT'S bad

    88. I'm something yt

      I got bullied for liking dragons and kindergarten😧😨😩