Tik Toks That Live Rent Free In My Head

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    1. creative ideas Alishba khan

      The third hack was a surma not eyeliner ( surma is famous in dubai ,Saudi Arabia , India )

    2. Monke Facs

      4:03 me when my sister barricades the bathroom door when we're playing hide and seek and I'm hiding in there

    3. BaybeeRed179


    4. BaybeeRed179

      Sssniperwolf : o omg is that a KITTEN me: NO IT'S A UNICORN OF COURSE IT'S A KITTEN

    5. Kecy M.

      3:14 would you like another nail sir??

    6. Diamond McVey

      Can I please get a shout out I love your videos my name is essence I love you and your videos bye

    7. Sara Chase


    8. Ava Boggess

      The wolf dance I think is oh for Royale high from roblox from some players

    9. Ava Williams

      OMG THE TIK TOK WHERE HES LIKE "your demised" then he A-

    10. Lu'Cresha Alle

      If I did that my eye would be on fire I can barely take lip stick without crying and this I'ma pass away

    11. 키쓰네 the myth investigator

      8:53 wait wait wait- ALBERT IS THAT YOU FLAMENCO-

    12. AREEJ 2013

      My fav was pineapple apple pi pi 5:57

    13. Carmel kochuparambil

      the eye liner thingy is wrong it like powder thing but she used wartery eye liner

    14. Alan Bishton

      Poop in peace my cat meawwwwww

    15. Orchard Follp

      If my cousin did that weird trend to me i would kick him in the nuts XD

    16. xo.Lulu..xo_

      1:40 Sweet Home Alabama ☠︎︎

    17. Winona Ayers


    18. Jasmine Bottley

      5:55 ppaapappaap

    19. Mandi York

      7:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂

    20. Cali Aberg

      The last TickTock was at Magic Mountain in Castaic I know because I recognize the place and I can prove it because I see Superman in the background and he’s on Goliath and next to Magic Mountain there is a building scorpion that is moving.

    21. sky click

      The woman who tried to do the ilanor hack:*tries it*omg ow ow oh no! Me:*gets a litle bit of dust on me eye*ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ow ow ow it hurts!!!*then goes to the shower and starts showeryng me eye*ahhh oh now its better

    22. Jadieholland

      That flamigo really just wanted to buy some some pink samon

    23. Jadieholland

      Plot twist the dig got the warenty for free

    24. Jadieholland

      Legand has it the older sister is still screamkng

      1. Jadieholland


    25. Jadieholland

      Me: *i want new kitten* *goe to find the homeless man always in a hoodie*

    26. Jadieholland

      Legand has it the last sneeze 🤧is still exploding and going through the world


      when that guy gets out the kitty it so cute until it made me sad

    28. clovercat1234

      It is not turkey it is loaf

    29. xabrina Perreras


    30. xabrina Perreras


    31. kylie Isted

      PiN pIneApPlE pAn *face going EVERY WHERE*

    32. kylie Isted


    33. Omar Amedi !!

      Ssssniperwolf: that is the most inappropriate handshake ive ever seen in my life i am gonna attempt that from now on Me: nooo dont become one of them

    34. Freddie Ray

      shut up

    35. ✰
yOu bEttEr nOt bE sUsSy✰

      When there was a lighting there was also a lighting in my room-

    36. Dead Pool

      Im new to this channel - you be you

    37. Caleb Denekas


    38. UwU •Itz Just Bella• UwU

      -Does anyone wonder why the flamingo was orange? Or is it just me-

    39. Kallie Stanchio

      And her name is Charlotte

    40. Kallie Stanchio

      Sometimes my cat sits like a turkey and I tell her she looks like turkey we eat on Thanksgiving

    41. Steve G plays


    42. Hilal aksoy

      0:37 nah das me 👁👄👁 💧 💧

    43. Adam Hebert

      i love you 😘💕❤️ love ❤️ 👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋😂❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️😘💕💕👏👏👏😹

    44. Anime Freak

      the eye liner hack is only for pakistani people actually u guys aint goin do that type of hack lol u guys r not addicted to that dont try it lol lol iam so scared now i did that hack all the time now iam scared -_- oops

    45. Dyceson Hartley

      terns out the bird had cliped wings

    46. Rojon Borla

      3:56 Oh that scream-

    47. Leia Adams

      Me: what's in here My brother: oh it just your dimsed slams door Me:AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

    48. Muffinbob

      I swear i have never laughed this hard in my entire life thank you 😭🤚

    49. Maria Ballantine

      Actually all cats are lactose and tolerance so they can't drink milk its bad for them

    50. MangoLifeXD


    51. Robert Castle


    52. Robert Castle

      0:12 lmao

    53. Fantastic Siblings

      Me with the first tik tok: It can’t be THAT funny. Also me: 😵🤣🤣

    54. Cassandra Taylor

      Are you from the south?

    55. Golden_Kitten1211

      On the eyelash thing my eyes started watering the I felt instant pain in my eye.

    56. John ivan ace p. Sulit Sulit

      Now i know whats Rassiuns secret wepeon

    57. Brian Zarek

      My favorite part is 5:52

    58. Ronald Shepperd

      If I was the cat: 👁️👄👁️ why u bully me:PLOP!!! WAHT THE FU

    59. mauricio alban

      The jumbled slope ironically fence because lasagna incidentally complain in a absent tachometer. defective, incandescent waiter

    60. General Karate cat

      Man said all right I’m gonna head out

    61. Kaiju Doggo

      SSSniper wolf, i have a question for you (its ok if you dont answer), do you play roblox?

    62. Chaudhry 885

      00:30 its not eyeliner its kajal

    63. peppa pig

      Actually cats are lactose intolerant cats love milk but the one without lactose

    64. Lydia Miller

      3:51 my dog is scared of vacume too

    65. 🖤Ozzie and Livy🖤

      Once we were picking my little bro up from school and there was this one girl and she ran out to her grandma that had her baby brother jumped to hug her and knocked her off her feet and the baby FLEW through the air

    66. That Ben 10 Fan

      “What’s in Here?” “Oh it’s just.. your demise” “AaAA-“

      1. Nakia Wright


    67. LeeBella MaOse

      I'm doing the :my sister: oo what's In here? Me: oh it's just your famished My sister: aaa

      1. LeeBella MaOse

        I meant damised

    68. Bentley Austin

      Plz pin this and heart this comment and I love your channel

    69. bernadette dunham

      I love you!!!!!!!

    70. I Love Tabi

      The other one was very funny when you go walking and the door it was funny funny hahaha ahhahahahaahahahahahahahhahahaahhs ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahshshshhaahahahahahahahhaahahhaahhahaahhaahhajahaajahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

    71. I Love Tabi

      That was a chihuahua here at the same time I love Chihuahuas they're the best I just want to have that Chihuahua and why would she vacuum up the Chihuahua but the way his back and his face that was very funny hahaha ahahhaajhahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahaahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaha

    72. Beverly Flournoy

      i'm 30 seconds in and i never herd her make that sound

    73. Whenddi Eberhardt

      why you always sound like you sick in all your videos?????

    74. Maxwell Lau

      5:44 these kids are the future Kilua’s training in the art of assassin’s

    75. BellaTheRobloxGal


    76. Asmaa Akhtar

      The second one wasn’t eye liner 😭 it was surma it’s a Pakistani thing to wear.Basically it’s charcoal but as powder and u apply it with a stick and makes u cry a lot but it’s good for ur eyes,my dad told me it’s like food for ur eyes it’s healthy.

    77. Moshi_VPElias

      1:34 ALABAMA SH**

    78. - Mossy

      The mascara one got me

    79. Serenity Ramirez

      I said to Siri I like Google better than her and she literally took of my internet

    80. Mya Kennedy

      Sssniperwolf you ar so funny😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. Syamsul Bahri

      I havent seen u since may😭😭💮

    82. Alicorn Pikachu!!

      Cat cat cat yes!!!!!!!!!

    83. ŠHILOVE Ňoel


    84. RyAnne Zearley

      Hey my friend told me to take a bite out off gum roll that’s not allowed lmao

    85. Mr. Investigator

      lia: interwestingg me:really?

    86. Mr. Investigator

      pen pineapple apple pen UH

    87. Mr. Investigator

      Its claws that dig into the grooooooounnnnndddddd

    88. Darelys Diaz


    89. slaymoonwolf

      omg i felt that to

    90. Lubna Shafique

      3:56 when my mom found out i bought vbux with out telling her

    91. Batman 17x

      Well it’s safe to say there not step siblings

    92. Genevie Flores


    93. Phoenix Plourde

      Please just click the time its promising just pause the vid then click the time link= 0:13

    94. scott molina

      7:30 that me to gacha heat

    95. Kayla Richardson


    96. Mangle Stuff

      My dog is terrified of the bathroom. She hates baths, unless im using the bathroom Lmao.

    97. WiseWxve

      “I"m ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ”...

    98. Officer baggutte

      Those are some lucky animals.

    99. Quotlo

      “Its Illg0l”