Try Not To Get Uncomfortable Challenge (Impossible)

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    1. Michelle Duncan

      Them: I want more cheese me: 🥲 but what about me

    2. Piggŷbánk

      3:40 spider WAP 😂

    3. Spring Fred Gaming 2.0


    4. UwU

      Me watching the fit 10 seconds of the video: Nope. I think its time for someone to yeet me off a bridge

      1. UwU


    5. Sarya Soran

      I will never drink milk Shake again 🤢 I can't believe she acshly drink it 🤮

    6. Michelle Burnett


    7. _bestoneyet_

      I thought they were dipping the pizza in ranch 😭

    8. _bestoneyet_

      Y’all actually like your meat.. pink?😟

    9. Just A Channel

      Can we appreciate how some of y'all not getting tired of her shit like howw???

    10. Grey fox

      Downward dog is a good stretch unless you have loose pants

    11. Jennifer Aleksi


    12. Cathia Gazil


    13. Crzy Tomato

      Can I just say my friend dipped his pizza in ice cream

    14. Jenevieve McDowell

      Me: Looks at the black on the wall* Guy: Grabs it* Me: 🤮🤮🤮🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱

    15. Magical family


    16. Nicky Angel

      Sniper Wolf could you do a doorman video

    17. Olivia Hover

      I pick up stuff off the floor with my feet all the time. NOT food though, and if I did I would throw it away.

    18. ꧁Moonlight Mith꧂

      The Spiders 😩

    19. Casey Horne

      I love you 🌶

    20. Casey Horne

      I love you

    21. Stephen Sidab

      5:25 if it was me:thank you now i have cheese

    22. Stephen Sidab

      my brain after hearing your my friend now me:soul has left the brain

    23. rowennah fechalin

      Hahaha the sock its like a worm haha 😂😂

    24. rowennah fechalin

      Im uncomfortable all ready ewww wen i saw the first one 😓😓😓

    25. Emily Fritz

      Me sitting here saying I do these things

    26. matthew cleary

      I got un

    27. Joselyn Burton

      Sniper Wolf I'm a big fan of you

    28. Lilly Argueta

      what the hell are u doing

    29. Lilly Argueta

      what the heck

    30. lonely boy


    31. *Alex edits*

      Me: hi (realizes I’m a minus) :)

    32. Gabthemoon

      Unwrapping your headset literally feels like a maze-

    33. Neil Reid

      Lia said COVID 20

    34. Boy named L

      Me:bored Spider:looks at me Me:”ahhhh” Spider: 3:41

    35. Xandria Griffin

      I got uncomfortable

    36. It’s your one S1dupid girl Bella

      When it starts me; ugh I hate this this is so uncomfortable me when it ends; yes time to watch something else

    37. Ayah Lbaz

      idk how u did this Lia

    38. Ayah Lbaz

      URGG I got so uncomfy

    39. Fracisco Torres


    40. AvocadoGaming69

      3:42 Me when I'm alone

    41. Rene

      It was the spiders in the beginning for me

    42. Secret spy me and dog

      Idk who can’t watch this whole video it was doup like all of her vids

    43. Berrak

      1:45 I really had crossed the line and it hasnt even been half video- im not strong enough to react this 👁👄👁

    44. thepaterclan

      Lia: don't dangle your feet of the bed Me as I hear that: my feet dangling

    45. CRYPTIC

      I don’t feel good

    46. KoalaGamingStudios

      1:32 Voldemort would appreciate



    48. Wendy Swingle

      ok that toilet on made me puke

    49. gijane02

      0:12 disgusting


      FBI: Everyone we have a new dangerous covid 19 it's the COVID 20 the symptoms are picking things up with ur dirty feet and eating it We tell everyone to keep safe

    51. Techno Saber 2

      Everyone Watching Says Hello Friends it's You:Me | | √

    52. Rat_Homie

      The second one with the spiders terrified me bro

    53. Rman Nayr


    54. Rman Nayr


    55. Le Sleepy Narwhal

      When my only question is who’s doras bf?? And another is WHEN DID SHE GET THIS BF?????? HAS THE WORLD MOVED THAT MUCH THAT NOW DORA HAS A BF AND WE DIDNT EVEN KNOW?!

    56. Le Sleepy Narwhal

      3:02 my mum is the opposite- and always complaining about it; she went to Egypt a few years ago and then most of her body got tanned especially her feet- so now when she’s wearing cropped leggings or smth there’s just rlly fare skin on her legs and rlly dark on her feet lol

    57. •Kaycee•

      When I get really uncomfortable I get the chills and I had the chills since the spider one-I AM TERRIFIED OF DPIDERS HOW THE FREAK DID HE DO THAT 3:02 that’s my dads feet after working the whole week loll 3:45 why she move like one of those things from life of luxury

    58. Aadi Studio Films


    59. A.S.M Mostafa


    60. Michael Coiscou

      Man was like I want to be spider man your my friend spiders

    61. David Gallegos


    62. Fatimah Muhammad

      0:43 as an australian, THATS OFFENSIVE WE DO NOT ONLY HAVE SPIDERS HERE *says with a pet tarantula*

    63. MySunShiineDoll

      OMG the spit one reminded me of Big Daddy

    64. SafaaTheSillyPerson

      This made me so unfomfotsble

    65. meerkat queen :)

      Ok I'm uncomfortable and gonna whatch your vidios all night to get rid of uncomfortable things 🙃

    66. Funky Friday

      They pick up their food with their feet they gonna have covid and diarrhea at the same time

    67. Janet LaGasse

      The woman drinking chocolate milk 🥛 out of the toilet 🚽 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    68. AnA Belen

      Si Lol

    69. GeorgeTamica Winfrey

      1:05 photoshop

    70. Saachi Patel

      That guy without socks… Bro, I wear socks in summer

    71. Eli Isser

      3:41 parents walk in… 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    72. dark lover

      I lasted 2 minutes

    73. TheRicjason108

      Sniper woman whales don't sleep how would they breathe

    74. Mary Payton Fleming

      Rich kid: Mummy may I get an iPhone Mom: ha when pigs fly An hour later Rich kid: mummy I did it! Mom:👁👄👁

    75. ChangQuirin Kids

      lol the first thing we saw already got me feeling way to uncomfortable ...

    76. Chat Noir

      Almost every video she says hello friend s it’s ME

    77. II_ Jxrdan _II

      No hate on sssniperwolf but there are not many spiders in Australia cause I live there no hate


      The spiders * gets goosebumps and faints and scream and shivers *

    79. Girlie Dichoza

      The hospitable inventory scientifically file because switch optionally inform beside a spiteful swedish. charming, panoramic kilometer

    80. Amira Rashad

      8:07 the computer 😭

    81. Kitty's 24


    82. haden stone

      It wasn't a swarm of spiders lmao it was a nest of spiders my dude is real fearless

    83. David Hanna

      Ahhhhhh Sniper I was eating. Grose

    84. john byer


    85. Its Brooke

      I literally watch sssniperwolf everyday❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    86. Enid Castillo

      That’s not milk it’s ranch

    87. Ameshia Higgs

      Can we shoot toilet girl, is that legal?

    88. Joe Lizalde

      The toilet one was the worst. I hope she payed those plumbers well.

    89. Destiny Osborn

      The toilet one made me wanna vomit

    90. Wayne Boyette

      i dip my pizza in garlic butter

    91. Wyatt Hartlieb

      3:40 is a spider

    92. cupcake lion

      So I just had the worst day how do I say this I was eating frozen lemonade and I spilled it all over my blanket while I was eating it andI have to use my grandma's blanket what's the cat sleeps on hooray for me

    93. Victoria

      Toilet smoothie is how Covid21 starts

    94. Elizabeth Bosco

      *My Friend:* Can you give me a hundred bucks? *Me:* I'm broke. *My Friend:* Do you think that Melanie will give me the money? *Me:* When pigs fly. **Walks Into Room** 5:07 *Me:* Okay, I just wouldn't count on it.

    95. ꧁♥︎HᴏɴᴇʏBᴇᴀʀ♥︎꧂


    96. Betty White

      Germs build up your immune system.

    97. Nicole Palmer

      Actually my spirit animal is a albino racoon😏😝😜😑😑🤭

    98. Fluffy Macaw

      2:37 that’s disgusting

    99. Bilal Sillah

      i mean ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww milk